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Alexis Monroe – это небольшая светловолосая крошка с шикарной аппетитной задницей, которую хотят поиметь все мужики. Она была рождена в штате Мичиган еще в 1990 году, и уже тогда она подумывала о взрослой карьере в порно индустрии. Ну а в 2012 она осуществила свою мечту и впервые снялась в полнометражном порно фильме, и как ни странно, она сразу начала набираться популярность. У неё потрясающая грудь, шикарные белые волосы в сочетании с отличной упругой жопой, которая заставляет вас восхищаться вас такой талантливой порно моделью как Alexis. Не стоит удивляться, что именно она оказалась в Brazzers, так как порно студия ищет самых одаренных и сексуальных давалок со всей планеты. Все её фильмы очень возбуждают, и если вы еще не смотрели ни одного её порно, то скорее заходите на порно сайт и наслаждайтесь роскошной телкой Alexis Monroe.

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Молодая парочка поселилась жить вместе в большом доме в двумя молодыми студентками. Ребята не ожидали, что сексуальные блондинки окажутся страстными лесбиянками. Никого не стесняясь девочки страстно ласкали свои пилотки и мастурбировали. Затем малышки затащили парочку к себе на большую кровать и...

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Симпатичный студент остался после занятий на дополнительную пару наедине с сексуальной пышногрудой блондинкой в очках. Пока парень думал у доски, горячая красотка начала эротично раздеваться и оголила свои большие сиськи. Когда чувак повернулся тут же возбудился и уложив ее на парту начал лизать ...

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When an important client named Tony Lucci goes to see the District Attorney, Alexis Monroe, the last thing she wants is for brash lawyer Danny D to barge into the office and fuck it all up. After embarrassing himself in front of the client, Mr. D now wants to appease the busty beauty that is Alex...

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It takes a helluva lot to surprise a porn princess like Alexis Blow. Just when she thought she\'d done it all, she was given the kind of stunt that makes for really legendary porn videos. She and the guys set up a giant see-thru mirror-box in the middle of downtown Miami so she could bang right t...

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Country music star Alexis Monroe has a dirty secret her record label won\'t let her share with anybody: a fetish for huge dicks. One day, she\'s just unwinding in her dressing room, when her security chases in a guy-groupie who wants to show her why he calls himself her \"biggest\" fan. Even bett...

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Behind every shy gal is a nympho waiting for a chance to break out. Kendra Lust is photographing a super-cute Southern belle today, and she knows exactly how to get what she wants from this perky teen. A little persuasion, some flirting, before you know it, and this Milf ends up with Alexis Monro...

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When best friends Alexis Monroe and Jessa Rhodes find out that they\'ve both been fucking the same man, Keiran Lee, they decide there\'s only one way to settle once and for all who he likes the most. They\'ve got to suck his dick, fuck him, and make him decide whose pussy he likes better! First u...

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Alexis\' been kicked out of several foster homes. This time she\'s sent to Mr. Lee, who has some experience with problem girls. Here, she meets Melina, another adopted girl, who turns out to be as bad as Alexis and just as fun!

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Dr. Alexis Monroe has been hard at work saving lives for what feels like an eternity, and every time she tries to sit down and take a break, something new pops up that needs her attention. After a full 24 hours on the job, if Alexis doesn\'t get some kind of break from the grind soon, she\'s gonn...

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Johnny Sins might be a shot caller and money maker, but no matter who you are, getting on your woman\'s bad side is not a smart move. Alexis Monroe was getting pretty sick and tired of catching him hooking up with other women, and when she confronted him on it, he told her to hit the road. Alexis...

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Nightmare On Wank Street - 1
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Alexis is a cute babe minding her own business, alone at home on a Saturday night. When Johnny, a masked boogeyman, calls her up and attempts to spook her, his plan soon backfires. Alexis is wet, ready and looking for some excitement, so his call couldn\'t have come at a better time!

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Bill Bailey is a businessman who prides himself on punctuality and professionalism. So when a client invites him over for dinner and then doesn\'t show up, leaving him to make small talk with his busty blonde wife Alexis Monroe, Bill\'s patience is just about up. Both Bill and Alexis can feel the...

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Alexis is a good girl, but desperately needs money. The class pays her to show off her big beautiful tits, and it\'s an offer she can\'t refuse. When the teacher catches her she\'s willing to do anything not to get into trouble.

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The ladies of BZZ sorority didn\'t become legendary sluts overnight. They had to work at it, honing their horny talents late into the night. Sorority leader Alexis Monroe was training a new batch of cock-hungry pledges when Dean Deen walked in. But don\'t think he wanted to discourage their X-rat...

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The Community College science fair is one of the most anticipated event in the calendar for some of the brainier undergrads. And among them is the hot and busty Alexis Monroe, though her project does little to impress professor Sins. After calling her out on her bullshit presentation, she finally...

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A Dirty Masseuse - 1
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Bill Bailey is one lucky guy. His lovely wife paid for a massage for his birthday. Little do they know that the spa would send over stunning vixen Alexis Monroe. Upon arrival she gets right to work, sizing up the clueless Bill as he strips down. And while he massages her client, she ensures that ...

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Big Titty Sweepstakes - 1
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Johnny is just minding his business, eating his cereal, when all of a sudden Alexis from Big Titty Sweepstakes knocks at his door. It\'s his lucky day, and this lucky day is going to be filled with some fucking, sucking, and a whole lot of fun. What a lucky son of a guy.

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