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Восхитительная и очень сексуальная брюнетка Angelina Valentine родом из семьи фермеров в Кентукки. Проводя на ферме свои подростковые года, эта красотка всегда знала что достойна лучшего. Так в один день эта сочная брюнетка решила раз и навсегда изменить свою жизнь. Сексуальная малышка собрала все свои вещи, и купила билет на самолет до Калифорнии в один конец. По прибытию в солнечный город девушка осталась с десятью долларами в кармане и абсолютно без перспективы. Анджелина эмоционально подавлена, но очень красива, сидела на остановке. Вдруг рядом остановился шикарный автобус из окон которого выглядывали сексуальными красотки с большими сиськами. Они шутили, дурачились и выглядели словно профессиональные модели. Сопровождающая этой команды рассмотрела в нашей брюнетке потенциал и предложила принять участие в фото съемке на пляже для мужского журнала Playboy. Горячая брюнетка Angelina Valentine на съемочной площадке вела себя очень уверенно, сексуально и не стеснялась показать тело. Ее обнаженные фото быстро распространились по порно сообществу и Ангелину Valentine взяли и на съемки порно.

Angelina Valentine's New Videos

Orgasms In The Outfield - 1
Orgasms In The Outfield - 2
Orgasms In The Outfield - 3
Orgasms In The Outfield - 4
Orgasms In The Outfield - 5

Angelina and Bridgette start off playing a competitive game of softball. As the game progresses, they play dirtier and dirtier until referee Scott has to clean up the mess and teach the girls how to play a little more friendly, with each other and him.

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1 year ago
Touchdown on my cock! - 1
Touchdown on my cock! - 2
Touchdown on my cock! - 3
Touchdown on my cock! - 4
Touchdown on my cock! - 5

Levi and the Brazzers team takes Angelina to her first tailgate party and football game. Angelina\'s so excited to go to her first game that she can\'t keep her hands off herself while they\'re heading to the tailgate party! She gets so horny that she pulls Levi away from the game and finds a jan...

15 008 Views
1 year ago
A Real Office Whore - 1
A Real Office Whore - 2
A Real Office Whore - 3
A Real Office Whore - 4
A Real Office Whore - 5

When Angelina learns that her whole team won\'t be getting bonuses, she takes matters into her own hands and pays a visit to her perverted boss Mr. Deen... The Tits will once again save the day!!!

14 752 Views
1 year ago
Throat My Cock and Fix My Golf Shot - 1
Throat My Cock and Fix My Golf Shot - 2
Throat My Cock and Fix My Golf Shot - 3
Throat My Cock and Fix My Golf Shot - 4
Throat My Cock and Fix My Golf Shot - 5

Barry Scott needs help with his golf swing. He has booked an appointment with swing specialist Angelina Valentine. She fixes a lot more than Barry\'s swing. She brings Barry to a new level of sexual experiences. She\'s down for some slamming.

12 873 Views
1 year ago
Two in the Bush...and in the Ass! - 1
Two in the Bush...and in the Ass! - 2
Two in the Bush...and in the Ass! - 3
Two in the Bush...and in the Ass! - 4
Two in the Bush...and in the Ass! - 5

After a long day, Angelina knows that there is no better way to relax than to have a nice, big cock up her ass. When the first guy she calls takes forever to show up, however, she decides to get someone else to fill her tight, little asshole. When both guys end up knocking on her door at the sa...

18 050 Views
1 year ago
Putting Out The Fire - 1
Putting Out The Fire - 2
Putting Out The Fire - 3
Putting Out The Fire - 4
Putting Out The Fire - 5

One sunny afternoon Mr. Pete \"accidentally\" reported a fire to the city. When realizing that it wasn\'t anything serious, the fire department was at the front door ready to take care of the call. Angelina, not happy that she was called out for absolutely nothing decided to show Mr. Pete how she...

29 653 Views
1 year ago
The Other Angelina - 1
The Other Angelina - 2
The Other Angelina - 3
The Other Angelina - 4
The Other Angelina - 5

When Angelina is upset that her boyfriend is a cad, a sycophant and a douchebag, the other Angelina provides solace. When a woman is bereft of hope and love, only another woman can remedy the situation... with some big lesbo action! OH YEAH!

10 164 Views
1 year ago
Fuck Club - 1
Fuck Club - 2
Fuck Club - 3
Fuck Club - 4
Fuck Club - 5

The Fuck Club ain\'t for no ordinary man. Small-penis-motherfuckers aren\'t welcome in this establishment. If it\'s your first day in Fuck Club, you have to fuck. If you have to fuck, it might as well be with Angelina Valentine.

18 529 Views
1 year ago
Angelina Valentine VS Danny the Diva - 1
Angelina Valentine VS Danny the Diva - 2
Angelina Valentine VS Danny the Diva - 3
Angelina Valentine VS Danny the Diva - 4
Angelina Valentine VS Danny the Diva - 5

Danny D has a scene coming up with busty babe Angelina Valentine, but he\'s acting like a total diva and scaring everyone on staff! Fortunately for everyone on set, though, Angelina knows a thing or two about dealing with big dicked divas. She pulls out his monster cock, and can barely believe he...

27 892 Views
2 years ago
Stroking That Massive Ego - 1
Stroking That Massive Ego - 2
Stroking That Massive Ego - 3
Stroking That Massive Ego - 4
Stroking That Massive Ego - 5

It\'s a real battle of egos on set today for Angelina Valentine, the sluttiest porn star in the biz. This dick-hungry nympho isn\'t used to anyone taking the attention away from her huge fake tits, or her dick-sucking lips. But her co-star Keiran has an ego as large as his prick, and he\'s been a...

18 913 Views
2 years ago
Sweet Bone Alabama - 1
Sweet Bone Alabama - 2
Sweet Bone Alabama - 3
Sweet Bone Alabama - 4
Sweet Bone Alabama - 5

Angelina and Krissy are lost. They wander the woods of Alabama trying to find a resort. Instead they find a hillbilly by the name of James Deen who\'s packing enough wood to satisfy both of these city slickers!

14 248 Views
2 years ago
Office 4-Play III - 1
Office 4-Play III - 2
Office 4-Play III - 3
Office 4-Play III - 4
Office 4-Play III - 5

After stumbling upon a private video in Keiran Lee\'s collection, Phoenix and her co-workers, Alexis, Angelina and Kagney mount an offensive in order to get substantial pay raises. Cornered, Keiran decides to acquiesce, but with one important caveat...

22 426 Views
2 years ago
Genital Hospital Part 2 - 1
Genital Hospital Part 2 - 2
Genital Hospital Part 2 - 3
Genital Hospital Part 2 - 4
Genital Hospital Part 2 - 5

Angelina\'s patient is going to die, and the medical board has decided to donate his organs away if he doesn\'t wake up with in the next 24 hours. So Angelina slaps Johnny\'s face with her tits then rubs her pussy all over him, but no results. So she takes out Johnny\'s cock and starts jerking hi...

12 650 Views
2 years ago
The Bone Identity - 1
The Bone Identity - 2
The Bone Identity - 3
The Bone Identity - 4
The Bone Identity - 5

Angelina is a super sex spy, trained in the art of fucking. She has been used in several covert operations to use her pussy to overthrow regimes. But her last mission went awry and poor Angelina cannot remember who she is... but the real question is does she remember how to fuck?

17 429 Views
2 years ago
Open Your Fucking Mouth and Eat My Cunt - 1
Open Your Fucking Mouth and Eat My Cunt - 2
Open Your Fucking Mouth and Eat My Cunt - 3
Open Your Fucking Mouth and Eat My Cunt - 4
Open Your Fucking Mouth and Eat My Cunt - 5

Angelina and Rebeca have been dating for a while and everything seems to be going well until Angelina learns that her partner has been cheating on her with a guy. Instead of talking to Rebeca about it Angelina gives her exactly what she wants and fucks her real nice with a strap on.

21 562 Views
2 years ago
Boobs Ahoy! - 1
Boobs Ahoy! - 2
Boobs Ahoy! - 3
Boobs Ahoy! - 4
Boobs Ahoy! - 5

The Captain can\'t please his whore anymore. That leaves Angelina very disappointed because she loves being fucked hard and sucking on a huge cock. Tommy, who is watching her, can\'t resist her huge boobs and decides to give her what she is begging for before the captain comes back.

14 695 Views
2 years ago
Office Tricks - 1
Office Tricks - 2
Office Tricks - 3
Office Tricks - 4
Office Tricks - 5

Angelina\'s boss leaves unexpectedly but before leaving warns Angelina not to go in her office. Being the nosy secretary that Angelina is, she goes into her boss\' office to find TJ handcuffed to her chair naked!Knowing her boss won\'t be back for awhile, Angelina decided to have a little fun wit...

12 867 Views
2 years ago
Open Wide for the Camera - 1
Open Wide for the Camera - 2
Open Wide for the Camera - 3
Open Wide for the Camera - 4
Open Wide for the Camera - 5

Horny cameraman Keiran is filming a spot for a show, but keeps getting distracted by sexy Angelina. When she catches him filming her and her titties in the change room, she decides to get up close and personal with Mr. Lee\'s equipment.

10 397 Views
2 years ago
Dodgeballs - 1
Dodgeballs - 2
Dodgeballs - 3
Dodgeballs - 4
Dodgeballs - 5

Scott Nails and his buddy are practicing hard for their dodge ball match against Angelina Valentine and Carmella Bing. Confident that they\'ll win against girls they place a bet on the game, but end up getting smashed...literally.

13 792 Views
2 years ago
A Cocking Spree - 1
A Cocking Spree - 2
A Cocking Spree - 3
A Cocking Spree - 4
A Cocking Spree - 5

Angelina is so tired of fucking guys with super duper tiny cocks. She doesn\'t even know why they exist. She has a plan to buy some sexy clothes to hook herself up with a Huge cock. Wouldn\'t you know it, she finds a big cock right there in the clothing store.

18 718 Views
2 years ago
Hands On Procedure - 1
Hands On Procedure - 2
Hands On Procedure - 3
Hands On Procedure - 4
Hands On Procedure - 5

Angelina and Ramon are a married couple going in for a run of the mill gynecology checkup with Angelina\'s new doctor, Tory. However, once the procedure begins, Ramon begins to notice that not only is Tory full on fingering and seducing his wife, but that his wife is absolutely loving it! Seeing ...

16 071 Views
2 years ago
Ohhh! The Humanity! - 1
Ohhh! The Humanity! - 2
Ohhh! The Humanity! - 3
Ohhh! The Humanity! - 4
Ohhh! The Humanity! - 5

Rumor has it that the Humanities section of the school library is a Grade-A spot for getting your freak on. When Angelina, one of the teachers, hears about this, she decides to investigate. Low and behold, the rumors are true as it doesn\'t take long for Angelina to get her brains fucked out by n...

19 916 Views
2 years ago
Be My Anal Valentine - 1
Be My Anal Valentine - 2
Be My Anal Valentine - 3
Be My Anal Valentine - 4
Be My Anal Valentine - 5

You can\'t spell \"Angelina\" without A-N-A-L, and Angelina Valentine is determined to show Keiran just why that is! With an ass that\'s just dying to be fucked, Angelina decides to occupy her time by taking hot pictures of herself until Keiran shows up to ravage her. Watch as Ms. Valentine dec...

15 313 Views
2 years ago
Genital Hospital - 1
Genital Hospital - 2
Genital Hospital - 3
Genital Hospital - 4
Genital Hospital - 5

Angelina\'s patient is her husband and he is on life support. His daughter catches Angelina, giving some maltreatment to him. Angelina believes that she will be the sole benefactor of her husband\'s estate so a confrontation occurs that\'s when Chris comes from nowhere with the proof in hand that...

14 348 Views
2 years ago