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Audrey Bitoni –высокорослая порно актриса, с красивыми, стройными ножками. Многие считают эту порно модель лучшей, и стоит начать записывать очередную порно сцену, как эта малышка покажет свои способности. Карьера это девочки началась в двадцать лет, и для начала она приняла участие в нашумевшем эротическом жернале «Penthouse». Audrey упорно трудится над каждым кадром и за этой порно-индустрия наградила её AVN. На каждом порно сайте эта красотка занимает верхние позиции среди известных порно моделей, и все её порно видео лучшее среди остальных. Эта деваха старается ради свои фанатов, и с каждым днем в её пилотку проникает всё больше и больше пенисов. Если у кого-то нет возможности найти сучку на просторах сети, то можно лично насладится её эротическими танцами в одном из стриптиз клубов. Brazzers держит Audrey Bitoni более 30 лет в своем кармане, ведь такую сексуальную шлюху нельзя терять.

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Let\\\'s Get Physical (Therapy) - 1
Let\\\'s Get Physical (Therapy) - 2
Let\\\'s Get Physical (Therapy) - 3
Let\\\'s Get Physical (Therapy) - 4
Let\\\'s Get Physical (Therapy) - 5

Сексуальная стройная брюнетка массажистка с длинными ножками в чулках и упругой попкой начала делать массаж клиенту. Сначала малышка эротично показывала свою грудь и задницу, а затем телка схватила пенис чувака и принялась делать глубокий минет. После глубокого отсоса шлюха стала раком, раздвинул...

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3 months ago
Caring Wife Craves Cum - 1
Caring Wife Craves Cum - 2
Caring Wife Craves Cum - 3
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Шикарная аппетитная брюнетка с умелым ртом и большими сиськами привела домой любовника пока муж был на работе. Сучка сразу начала сосать толстый член мужика прямо на пороге и лизать его яйца. Через некоторое время вернулся муж, но ебарь решил закончить начатое. Сначала парень вылезал пилотку малы...

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11 months ago
Sex on Skates - 1
Sex on Skates - 2
Sex on Skates - 3
Sex on Skates - 4
Sex on Skates - 5

Audrey\'s usual excellent performance on the ice suffers after a breakup with her boyfriend. Frustrated with her careless mistakes, coach Jordan is about to cancel the rest of the practice. But Audrey convinces him to stay, assuring him that all he needs to do in order to get her head back on s...

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1 year ago
Orderly Whorderly - 1
Orderly Whorderly - 2
Orderly Whorderly - 3
Orderly Whorderly - 4
Orderly Whorderly - 5

Madison Ivy got thrown in the psych ward for being too sexually aggressive, and there was only one way for Dr. Audrey Bitoni and orderly Jordan Ash to set her straight: by tag-teaming that sexy slut until she got it all out of her system! Jordan fucks her from behind as she eats out Dr. Bitoni\'s...

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1 year ago
Frankenslut - 1
Frankenslut - 2
Frankenslut - 3
Frankenslut - 4
Frankenslut - 5

Dr. Frankenslut has finally created his masterpiece: the ultimate slut, Audrey Bitoni. When he wakes the busty beauty, though, he realizes that he\'s done the unthinkable and created a monster! His assistant Mick Blue decides to take advantage of the opportunity, fucking the super slut\'s mouth w...

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1 year ago
Smoke Break - 1
Smoke Break - 2
Smoke Break - 3
Smoke Break - 4
Smoke Break - 5

Cutie Audrey Sneaks off to the storage closet to have a cigarette break with her co-worker James. Unfortunately the smoke causes the sprinklers to go off and then the door locks and the couple can\'t get out! Trapped and cold they have no choice but to get close, and keep extra warm.

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1 year ago
The Big Dick Agency Of 3022 - 1
The Big Dick Agency Of 3022 - 2
The Big Dick Agency Of 3022 - 3
The Big Dick Agency Of 3022 - 4
The Big Dick Agency Of 3022 - 5

Audrey is head of the Big Dick Agency in the year 3022. The porn industry is under attack from the \"Black Widow\", a succubus type wench who single-handedly wiped out the big cocks of the future and Audrey must go back in time to the year 2010, to find Tommy Gunn and fix the problem. His DNA can...

21 942 Views
1 year ago
The Driver - 1
The Driver - 2
The Driver - 3
The Driver - 4
The Driver - 5

Johnny may not have the most exciting job as a driver- he may not make a lot of money- but sometimes he catches the eye of a female passenger. On this day, his passenger is Alexis Texas and she introduces him to Audrey Bitoni. They seduce him while their husbands are busy talking about lucrative ...

28 055 Views
1 year ago
The Big Things in Life - 1
The Big Things in Life - 2
The Big Things in Life - 3
The Big Things in Life - 4
The Big Things in Life - 5

No one says \"no\" to Ms. Bitoni, the sluttiest teacher in school. When she sets her mind on a young stud, she does whatever it takes to pull him apart from the pack and get a shot at his dick. Poor guy can\'t focus on answering her questions with her big tits in his face, so he\'s going to have ...

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1 year ago
Audrey Gets the Batter Up - 1
Audrey Gets the Batter Up - 2
Audrey Gets the Batter Up - 3
Audrey Gets the Batter Up - 4
Audrey Gets the Batter Up - 5

There\'s nothing like a good game of baseball to get the heart pounding, but when Keiran Lee hit the field for a little batting practice, the big-dicked Brit was having some trouble mastering America\'s pastime. Audrey Bitoni saw him struggling, and decided to show him a thing or two about ball h...

11 421 Views
1 year ago
The Dominant Species - 1
The Dominant Species - 2
The Dominant Species - 3
The Dominant Species - 4
The Dominant Species - 5

Aletta and Audrey are at an interview and are trying hard to make it in a male dominated office. As they wait anxiously for their turn to be interviewed they over hear Johnny criticizing them for their attempts to get a decent job. However, these women are not to be stepped on and show Johnny how...

32 313 Views
1 year ago
Dweeb\'s lucky day - 1
Dweeb\'s lucky day - 2
Dweeb\'s lucky day - 3
Dweeb\'s lucky day - 4
Dweeb\'s lucky day - 5

The school nerd finds Audrey in the library and spies on her as she bends down to pick up books. The nerd is so close to getting a hold of Audrey\'s sweet chesticles when she catches him. Audrey threatens the nerd that she\'ll get her boyfriend to beat him up if she doesn\'t get to play with his ...

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1 year ago
The Hiking Game - 1
The Hiking Game - 2
The Hiking Game - 3
The Hiking Game - 4
The Hiking Game - 5

It\'s time for some more Audrey on Day With A Pornstar! We love her huge fucking tits and apparently so do you so its time to watch those fuckers bounce all over the place as she talks a trip with Johnny on her favorite hiking spot. She just so happens to \"hike\" up her bra and lets those floppe...

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1 year ago
The Negotiator - 1
The Negotiator - 2
The Negotiator - 3
The Negotiator - 4
The Negotiator - 5

Rocco is one crazy son of a bitch. He\'s held up in a house with a hostage he\'s threatening to kill. Special agent Audrey Bitoni is called to the scene to convince him to release the hostage. Armed with a megaphone and a huge rack, I\'m sure she will save the day.

16 262 Views
1 year ago
What Really Happens When Girls go to the Bathroom Together - 1
What Really Happens When Girls go to the Bathroom Together - 2
What Really Happens When Girls go to the Bathroom Together - 3
What Really Happens When Girls go to the Bathroom Together - 4
What Really Happens When Girls go to the Bathroom Together - 5

Memphis and Audrey are over at Charles\'s place for a small get together. At some point during the party they go off to the bathroom together. The guys start to wonder what is taking the girls so long and why women always seem to go to the bathroom in pairs. Charles is determined to find out wha...

43 474 Views
1 year ago
Oh No You Don\'t! - 1
Oh No You Don\'t! - 2
Oh No You Don\'t! - 3
Oh No You Don\'t! - 4
Oh No You Don\'t! - 5

Nicole Aniston has discovered that her husband, Charles Dera, has been cheating on her with his sexy mistress, Audrey Bitoni. Instead of getting mad, Nicole decides to get even by catching them in the act! When her husband suddenly has a change of heart, Ms. Aniston makes sure that Audrey finishe...

63 429 Views
2 years ago
Fantasy Hospital - 1
Fantasy Hospital - 2
Fantasy Hospital - 3
Fantasy Hospital - 4
Fantasy Hospital - 5

Johnny is recuperating at the Hospital and has the hugest sexual desire for Doctor Bitoni. Whiles he gets some rest in the hospital bed he is unable to determine the lines of reality and fantasy.

14 247 Views
2 years ago
Fucked on the Fourth of July - 1
Fucked on the Fourth of July - 2
Fucked on the Fourth of July - 3
Fucked on the Fourth of July - 4
Fucked on the Fourth of July - 5

Audrey\'s having a pool party with some of her closest friends when a bloke by the name of Danny crashes the festivities and brings their 4th of July celebration to a screeching halt when he disrobes, revealing his Union Jack speedo. While the sight of his bulge gets Audrey all hot and bothered, ...

12 643 Views
2 years ago
My Dirty Talking Prof - 1
My Dirty Talking Prof - 2
My Dirty Talking Prof - 3
My Dirty Talking Prof - 4
My Dirty Talking Prof - 5

Professor Audrey Bitoni could not be more irritated – her evening plans have been dashed thanks to wise ass student Jessy Jones, whom she now has to watch during after school detention. Calling her date to apologize for bailing, the horny Prof. Bitoni can’t resist having a little bit of phone sex...

26 966 Views
2 years ago
Go Fuck Yourself - 1
Go Fuck Yourself - 2
Go Fuck Yourself - 3
Go Fuck Yourself - 4
Go Fuck Yourself - 5

Secretary Audrey is tired of working her ass off and not even getting promoted. But she can\'t help fantasizing about how things would have gone if instead of doing everything her boss Johnny said, she had just sucked his cock! Older, wiser Audrey decides to help her younger self figure out exact...

27 271 Views
2 years ago
Cum another day - 1
Cum another day - 2
Cum another day - 3
Cum another day - 4
Cum another day - 5

Secret Agent Double 0 English is back and this time he finds himself trapped by Evil Porn family member Audrey Bitoni and her sidekick Lichelle Marie. Bitoni wants revenge and she is determined to finish him once and for all. English knows there is only one way out of this situation, so he\'s goi...

25 422 Views
2 years ago
Always Be Cumming - 1
Always Be Cumming - 2
Always Be Cumming - 3
Always Be Cumming - 4
Always Be Cumming - 5

Tyler Nixon doesn\'t like to lose, so when Audrey Bitoni starts pulling ahead of him in sales, he\'s furious! Lo and behold, as he\'s coming out of the washroom one day, he discovers that busty slut\'s dirty little secret: she\'s been using her big tits to make sales! Audrey knows the jig is up, ...

20 819 Views
2 years ago
Brazzers Expose - 1
Brazzers Expose - 2
Brazzers Expose - 3
Brazzers Expose - 4
Brazzers Expose - 5

Jordan needs to do some extra-curricular projects to bring up his grades. He decides to do an expose on Brazzers at his teacher\'s request. After showing what Brazzers is all about and saying that you can\'t find big breasted girls like that in school, the teacher stops the presentation and the b...

28 893 Views
2 years ago
You Could Be A Little Meaner - 1
You Could Be A Little Meaner - 2
You Could Be A Little Meaner - 3
You Could Be A Little Meaner - 4
You Could Be A Little Meaner - 5

Bruce is in the middle of giving a lecture when Audrey walks in, slamming the door behind her. She saunters slowly to her seat and sits down like she\'s a stripper giving a performance.Audrey badly needs attention and she knows what to do with her big boobies to get it. Bruce sees it and get it. ...

18 294 Views
2 years ago