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Вы должны быть похожи на жаркую и страстную девушку, такую сексуальную дамочку, как Britney Shannon, чтобы стать самой лучшей порно актрисой в мире порно. Перед тем как оказаться в мире порно, девка приняла участие в телевизионном шоу, где ей дали совет, попробовать свое шикарное тело в порно индустрии. Горячая дама приехала из Нью-Джерси и начала сниматься в ХХХ фильмах в 2010 году, и с теперь девушка славится своим трудолюбием. Britney фанатеет от секс идола – Мэрилин Монро и всегда хочет быть похожей на эту красивую, гламурную милашку. Если вы не встретили сучку на съемочной площадке Brazzers, то скорее всего она работает над своей фигурой и телом в спортзале. Посмотрите на её тело и увидите тело, покрытое татуировками, такими же красивыми, как и сама Britney Shannon.

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Britney Shannon can’t wait to get inside the hottest new dance club in the city, but when her husband doesn’t have enough cash to get them inside, Britney’s left with no choice but to try and find a way inside. Luckily for her, she’s hot as fuck and seduces the bouncers (Ramon & Tommy Gunn) to no...

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Brad Knight is a straight-A student with a bright future ahead of him. So, when he\'s horny at school one day and calls Britney Shannon\'s phone number for a good time, he\'s shocked to learn that he\'s speaking with his school\'s Headmistress! Having been asked to report to her office immediatel...

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Britney Shannon\'s such a talented stripper, she gives lessons to housewives all over about how to use pole-dancing to keep their husbands horny. One day, this guy Johnny came in to the studio demanding a refund, because his wife sprained her ankle dancing. Britney offers to show him exactly what...

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She\'s Ready to Cock and Roll - 1
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Before rock star Britney Shannon hits the stage, she expects a few simple demands to be met. How on earth is she supposed to perform at her best if she doesn\'t get hooked up with a big dressing room and a strapping country boy with a cock dangling past his knees? When all the guys her handler br...

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After months of trying to get into the pants of his sexy blonde employee Britney Shannon, Danny D finally got his way. He was shocked to find some private, half-naked pictures of Britney\'s inked-up body on the internet. But when he went to fire her ass, Britney turned the tables on the boss-man,...

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