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The Art of Porn - 1
The Art of Porn - 2
The Art of Porn - 3
The Art of Porn - 4
The Art of Porn - 5

Cassandra Cruz is a genuine artist and proves she has the goods in this hot and hardcore video! After putting on a show that\'ll bring your cock to the brink of erupting with sheer vanilla thunder, John Strong enters the scene and puts his human paintbrush to work, using her pussy as a canvas to ...

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1 year ago
Two Cocks for Cassandra - 1
Two Cocks for Cassandra - 2
Two Cocks for Cassandra - 3
Two Cocks for Cassandra - 4
Two Cocks for Cassandra - 5

This week Big Wet Butts brings you a \"Behind The Scenes\" with Cassandra Cruz. A perfect natural sized latina with a juicy round ass and a pretty tight pussy. She gets fucked really hard by two cocks at the same time and swallows a huge load of cum.

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1 year ago
Banging the Boss\'s Wife - 1
Banging the Boss\'s Wife - 2
Banging the Boss\'s Wife - 3
Banging the Boss\'s Wife - 4
Banging the Boss\'s Wife - 5

Cassandra Cruz\'s husband Tommy is having a dinner party with some of his employees, and when he won\'t stop telling embarrassing stories, his smoking hot Latina wife Cassandra Cruz gets a little pissed off. She slips a little something into his drink to get him out of the way so she can be alone...

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2 years ago
Cassandra\'s Ream - 1
Cassandra\'s Ream - 2
Cassandra\'s Ream - 3
Cassandra\'s Ream - 4
Cassandra\'s Ream - 5

Cassandra Cruz returns to demonstrate the simple fact that her ass is nothing less than spectacular. Sculpted, of-course, from the finest bronze (or marble if you prefer), her body is a wonderland with obvious emphasis on the butt. Drenched in oil and worshiped the way it should, Cassandra\'s ass...

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2 years ago