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Hockey Playoffs - 1
Hockey Playoffs - 2
Hockey Playoffs - 3
Hockey Playoffs - 4
Hockey Playoffs - 5

The season is on the line and Charisma Cappelli (referee) makes the worst possible calls against Brazzers Academy (led by Jordan Ash). This puts an end to what seemed to be a dream season, however a reckoning soon follows as Jordan vows to meet up with her after the game to fuck the shit out of h...

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1 year ago
Casual Friday - 1
Casual Friday - 2
Casual Friday - 3
Casual Friday - 4
Casual Friday - 5

Johnny and Charisma can\'t keep their hands off each other at work and decide to fuck in the office but their boss walks in. She isn\'t too pleased with their lack of tact, so she brings them into her office to let them know that they have to be considerate and include her. Johnny and Charisma do...

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1 year ago
Getting Off On a Day Off - 1
Getting Off On a Day Off - 2
Getting Off On a Day Off - 3
Getting Off On a Day Off - 4
Getting Off On a Day Off - 5

Charisma has been looking Forward to this day for a while. Scheduled to shoot a scene with Keiran Lee, their anticipation turns to disappointment when their scene gets cancelled at the last minute. The two pornstars figure that even though their shoot is cancelled, it\'s no reason not to get tog...

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1 year ago
Golf Bunny Fuck - 1
Golf Bunny Fuck - 2
Golf Bunny Fuck - 3
Golf Bunny Fuck - 4
Golf Bunny Fuck - 5

Golf is a delicate sport and Charisma seems to have the edge over learning it the hard way as she proves she can learn it fast. This is a day on a driving range and also a tell all interview of her life story, she ends it all by delivering a cum squeezer as she has her best performance ever - des...

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1 year ago
Foodtruck Fuck Fest - 1
Foodtruck Fuck Fest - 2
Foodtruck Fuck Fest - 3
Foodtruck Fuck Fest - 4
Foodtruck Fuck Fest - 5

Romi Rain had all the business in town locked down, thanks to her tasty food and ample cleavage. But when Charisma Cappelli showed up and started trying to out-cook and out-seduce her, it meant war! Romi and Charisma did their best to top each other with increasingly sexy lunch specials, until fi...

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2 years ago
Caressing Charisma\'s Ass - 1
Caressing Charisma\'s Ass - 2
Caressing Charisma\'s Ass - 3
Caressing Charisma\'s Ass - 4
Caressing Charisma\'s Ass - 5

Where\'s the fun in having a perfect bubble butt if you keep it all to yourself? Charisma\'s juicy ass was aching for a good deep dicking, so she invited her favorite plaything Mick over to worship those bouncy cheeks and stretch out her tight hole.

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2 years ago