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White Girl Can Jump - 1
White Girl Can Jump - 2
White Girl Can Jump - 3
White Girl Can Jump - 4
White Girl Can Jump - 5

Johnny is an Olympic gold medalist and he has recently been called upon to coach Charity. She once showed great promise and is currently in a slump. No one has ever seen Johnny\'s methods but he is well respected and no one can doubt what he does because it works.

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2 years ago
Plagiarist Pussy - 1
Plagiarist Pussy - 2
Plagiarist Pussy - 3
Plagiarist Pussy - 4
Plagiarist Pussy - 5

Dean Sins has had to call a lot of students into his office for plagiarizing over the years, but they\'ve never been sexy sluts like Charity Bangs before! It turns out that when she wrote her paper on female sexuality, Charity used Brazzers for most of her sources, and Johnny is determined to get...

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2 years ago
I\'ll Suck Your Cock If You Walk Out Of Here Right Now - 1
I\'ll Suck Your Cock If You Walk Out Of Here Right Now - 2
I\'ll Suck Your Cock If You Walk Out Of Here Right Now - 3
I\'ll Suck Your Cock If You Walk Out Of Here Right Now - 4
I\'ll Suck Your Cock If You Walk Out Of Here Right Now - 5

Charity\'s husband is selling their multi-million dollar mansion in Beverly Hills and she is none too happy about it. Danny shows up for the free snacks with no intention of buying the house. When Charity walks by in a tiny bikini, Danny follows her out to the pool where she sucks his dick with t...

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2 years ago
The Twilight Hoes - 1
The Twilight Hoes - 2
The Twilight Hoes - 3
The Twilight Hoes - 4
The Twilight Hoes - 5

No one would believe James even if he told the truth about his two sexy fuck-doll lovers, Casey and Charity. They travel with him wherever he goes, and are game for any kind of public sexual adventure. When his two sluts get him kicked out of a restaurant for whipping their big tits out and fooli...

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2 years ago
Ivy League Tease - 1
Ivy League Tease - 2
Ivy League Tease - 3
Ivy League Tease - 4
Ivy League Tease - 5

Professor Mick has run into some trouble with one of his students, Charity, and has gone to fellow colleague and friend, Professor Erik for advice. After a failed attempt at reasoning with her, they decide to fuck her brains out in an attempt to prevent her from tarnishing their names and ending ...

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2 years ago
3-WAY Knockout!!! - 1
3-WAY Knockout!!! - 2
3-WAY Knockout!!! - 3
3-WAY Knockout!!! - 4
3-WAY Knockout!!! - 5

Courtney and Bella are wrestling each other and Charity is on the sideline watching with great interest. She\'s turned on by the two girls and she starts to discreetly rub herself. She quietly walks away to hide in the locker where she gets caught and punished by Bella and Courtney.

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2 years ago
Hubby\'s Special Gift - 1
Hubby\'s Special Gift - 2
Hubby\'s Special Gift - 3
Hubby\'s Special Gift - 4
Hubby\'s Special Gift - 5

Charity and her husband both know that there is something that is not working in their marriage: the sex. He is just too damn old to keep up with his young, cock craving vixen of a wife, so on their anniversary, he looks to solve this problem. This anniversary, Charity will be pleasantly surprise...

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2 years ago
Beauty\'s Only Balls Deep - 1
Beauty\'s Only Balls Deep - 2
Beauty\'s Only Balls Deep - 3
Beauty\'s Only Balls Deep - 4
Beauty\'s Only Balls Deep - 5

Charity\'s about to go from dorky to whory. Thanks to a makeover, she gets to showcase her best features - her big, perfect titties. When the most popular guy in school gets a look at the new, ultra sexy Charity, he grovels and begs for forgiveness over all the nasty shit he\'s said. He\'s got no...

6 108 Views
2 years ago