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Dreaming Boobies - 1
Dreaming Boobies - 2
Dreaming Boobies - 3
Dreaming Boobies - 4
Dreaming Boobies - 5

Connie Carter is the kind of slutty schoolgirl who spends all day dreaming about huge cocks instead of paying attention to her studies. While her teacher Denson was trying to teach some math, Connie was busy fantasizing about him worshipping her big natural tits. She gave him a slow and sensual b...

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2 years ago
Lusty Loft Fucking - 1
Lusty Loft Fucking - 2
Lusty Loft Fucking - 3
Lusty Loft Fucking - 4
Lusty Loft Fucking - 5

Connie recently got herself a fancy new loft. It won\'t be perfect until she\'s christened the place with its first fuck. She invites her favorite fuck buddy over and seduces him by slowly peeling her lingerie off her big tits. After her striptease has turned on her man, she lays back on the tabl...

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2 years ago
Nurse Carter - 1
Nurse Carter - 2
Nurse Carter - 3
Nurse Carter - 4
Nurse Carter - 5

Nurse Connie Carter has a bit of a a weakness for badboys, but working as a day nurse in a sleepy little suburban borough, the last thing she ever expected to encounter was a hardened criminal. But as soon as she lays eyes on Denson she knows she has to have him. Making short work of his police e...

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2 years ago