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Сексуальная красавица из Бельгии Eva Karera. Эта крошка способна возбуждать члены всех парней по всему миру. Она снялась более чем в 100 фильмах для взрослых. Уже 40 из которых сняты в течении года работы на студии. За этот небольшой период времени шлюшка сумела собрать внушительное количество фанатов. Зрители обожаю смотреть на огромные накачанные сиськи Евы Karera, на ее надутые губки, которыми она умеет делать очень сладкий глубокий минет. Сегодня эта элегантная порно звезда известна всем как богиня анального секса и двойного проникновения. Когда Eva Karera уехала из Бельгии, она пыталась жить в Турции, в Египте, где работала на обычной работе инструктором по подводному плаванию и помощником продавца в бутике. После чего стала моделью нижнего белья. Именно эротические фотосессии подтолкнули красотку на разврат. Вскоре сучка попала на порно кастинг и полностью погрузилась в работу. Так что наслаждайтесь большими сиськами Евы Карера, и смотрите на королеву анала и двойного проникновения.

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In part 3 of ZZ Erection series we meet former president \"Big\" Bill Clayton. It seems that watching all the fucking and sucking going on with his fellow politicos has made Slick Willie on horny fella. Luckily for him, nobody sucks a dick like The Donald\'s wife Melonia, who just happens to be ...

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The Big Titted Ballerina - 1
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Eva Karera has always dreamed of being a beautiful ballerina, but her dreams are shattered when her coach tells her that her tits are too big. Heartbroken and defeated, Eva Karera falls into the consoling care of Barry Scott who quickly shows her other things she can do with her assets.

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Trying on Lots of Shoes - 1
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Whenever Eva Karera gets in the mood to really treat herself to the finer things in life, she goes absolutely wild. On shopping trips, Eva\'s likely to snatch up anything good that crosses her path. That\'s why she\'s hired a shoe salesman to make a house call instead, and let her try on dozens o...

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Hunting For Cocks At The Glory Hole - 1
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Hunting For Cocks At The Glory Hole - 3
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Ever since they made the washrooms at Eva Karera\'s work co-ed, she\'s been hearing rumors of fat cocks poking through glory holes in the stalls. Hoping to confirm the rumors for herself, Eva heads into the first stall she can find with a glory hole in it, and thanks to her incredible big tits, i...

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2 years ago
Foreva a Fantasy - 1
Foreva a Fantasy - 2
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Xander Corvus has long had a crush on his busty teacher Eva Karera, so when he spots new kid Danny D fantasizing about her beautiful big fake tits, he warns him in no uncertain terms to stay away. But Eva\'s amazing titties are more powerful than his willpower, and in no time flat he\'s back to i...

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A MILF Role Model - 1
A MILF Role Model - 2
A MILF Role Model - 3
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A MILF Role Model - 5

Clover keeps getting in trouble for jerking off in class, and since no one seems to be able to get through to the young man, his teachers sent him to see the guidance counselor, Dr. Eva Karera. Eva tries her best to reach him, but all he seems to notice are her awesome big fake tits, leaving Dr. ...

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MMA = Much More Anal! - 1
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Eva is Manuel\'s new ju-jitsu student and she\'s quite something. Between her dynamite set of knockers and eagerness to please, Eva gives Manuel a Grade-A boner. When she discovers this, she turns the tables and gives Manuel a lesson in MMA - Much More Anal!

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Don\'t Cross The Maid - 1
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Eva Karera is a french maid who\'s sick and tired of being taken advantage of by spoiled rich brats like Keiran Lee. When he calls her over to clean up after a wild party he had and only gives her an hour to do it, she\'s already just about had it. But when he starts hitting on her while she\'s t...

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2 years ago
Filling In - 1
Filling In - 2
Filling In - 3
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Filling In - 5

Mick is a moocher, always using his sister-in-law\'s stuff without asking, and constantly hitting her up for cash. So when he comes by her massage parlor looking to borrow some gas money, his sister in law is hardly surprised. It\'s Mick\'s lucky day though, because sitting in the waiting room, w...

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2 years ago
Trust Me I\'m A Doctor - 1
Trust Me I\'m A Doctor - 2
Trust Me I\'m A Doctor - 3
Trust Me I\'m A Doctor - 4
Trust Me I\'m A Doctor - 5

Eva is at the gynecologist because of a squirting problem. Her husband just can\'t make her squirt! Dr. Ferrara agrees to help her out, as long as she\'s okay with him giving her a deep, thorough examination. Yup, everything seems to be working fine!

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2 years ago
Being Elite and Easy - 1
Being Elite and Easy - 2
Being Elite and Easy - 3
Being Elite and Easy - 4
Being Elite and Easy - 5

Rich socialite Eva is on the verge of bankruptcy, and is convinced that marrying her daughter into the wealthy Bailey clan is the only way they can keep their image. But Bill is much more interested in Eva herself, and she\'s happy to hand him every hole in her body if it means she can keep up he...

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2 years ago
Soccer Moms Suck - 1
Soccer Moms Suck - 2
Soccer Moms Suck - 3
Soccer Moms Suck - 4
Soccer Moms Suck - 5

Professional European football player (that\'s soccer, to us!) has moved into the neighborhood, and every single mom wants him to coach their kids\' teams. Vanilla, Eva, and Kendra quickly arrive at his door to ask him to coach, but soon find out it\'s their titties that will do the convincing!

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2 years ago
That Pussy\'s Electric - 1
That Pussy\'s Electric - 2
That Pussy\'s Electric - 3
That Pussy\'s Electric - 4
That Pussy\'s Electric - 5

Ramon and James are watching the big game when the power goes out! They freak out and call the power company asap, but when sexy technician Eva arrives and tells them fixing it will involve more than she thinks, they\'re willing to do anything. Luckily all Eva requires to finish the job is a litt...

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The Seance of Sucking Dick - 1
The Seance of Sucking Dick - 2
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Eva Karera\'s ghost has been haunting the new owners of her home ever since they moved in. When the poor couple calls up psychic Johnny to banish the spirit, it\'s clear this Milf is not going to leave without a fight. Johnny decides to go all the way with his seance. He won\'t leave until he\'s ...

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2 years ago
Anal On Ice - 1
Anal On Ice - 2
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Eva, in a sexy white lingerie is showing her ass to the camera, dancing to the music and teasing with her ass on the ice before Ramon walks in. She stands straight and lets him inspect her. Ramon puts oil and ice on her ass and her pussy to fuck her properly.

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2 years ago
A Night at the Milfbury - 1
A Night at the Milfbury - 2
A Night at the Milfbury - 3
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A Night at the Milfbury - 5

Eva Karera is out for a night at the club, and thanks to her huge fake tits, she never has to wait in line. One by one, she sized up every dude in the club, grinding on them on the dance floor until she finds the biggest cocks in the room. Tonight the lucky dicks are Jessy Jones and Van Wylde, wh...

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2 years ago
Double Penetrating Belgian Booty - 1
Double Penetrating Belgian Booty - 2
Double Penetrating Belgian Booty - 3
Double Penetrating Belgian Booty - 4
Double Penetrating Belgian Booty - 5

Everybody knows that Eva Karera has one of the finest booties in Europe, so we had to fly her out to ZZ HQ and treat her to two of the biggest cocks in the business, Keiran Lee and Manuel Ferrara. She starts off by giving us a little show before having both of those big dicked studs fuck her pret...

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Biker MILF - 1
Biker MILF - 2
Biker MILF - 3
Biker MILF - 4
Biker MILF - 5

Mick and his buddy are out one night and decide to go cruising for MILFS at a notorious cougar bar on the outskirts of town. Confident at first, they quickly realize they\'re in for more than they bargained for when a group of rowdy biker MILFS start circling them like prey. Singled out by the le...

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Dr. Impostor - 1
Dr. Impostor - 2
Dr. Impostor - 3
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Eva has escaped from the psychiatric ward for one reason- to find a big cock to fill her tight asshole. After looking in a few rooms she stumbles upon Jordan changing into a hospital nightgown. She pretends to be a doctor and takes full advantage of him.

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The Garden of Boobs - 1
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The Garden of Boobs - 3
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Eva Karera has had her garden ruined for the last time! After stepping on her tomatoes, Keiran decides to disguise himself as a scarecrow so he can check out her rad rack. Unfortunately for him, she recognizes him and decides to punish him. The only way she\'ll let him leave is if he fucks her ti...

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2 years ago
Dirty Texter - 1
Dirty Texter - 2
Dirty Texter - 3
Dirty Texter - 4
Dirty Texter - 5

Eva is a mom that\'s always lived life safe, and never took any chances. Her daughter is a complete polar opposite of her, and Eva\'s somewhat jealous of her own daughter. Her daughter encourages her to be more adventurous and it\'s never too late for her. When her daughter forgets her cellphone,...

11 363 Views
2 years ago
Stepdaughter\'s First Date - 1
Stepdaughter\'s First Date - 2
Stepdaughter\'s First Date - 3
Stepdaughter\'s First Date - 4
Stepdaughter\'s First Date - 5

Kenna James is about to go on her first date and she’s nervous as hell. Luckily her stepmom Eva Karera is around to impart some of her hard earned wisdom in the ways of love. First she shows Kenna what to wear, then she teaches her how to kiss, and before you know it, she’s teaching her how to cu...

13 158 Views
2 years ago
The Milf and The Faith - 1
The Milf and The Faith - 2
The Milf and The Faith - 3
The Milf and The Faith - 4
The Milf and The Faith - 5

When horny Milf Eva Karera is left home alone, her boredom soon turns to her flicking her clit and playing with her tits on her living room sofa, enjoying the time to herself. But this nympho can’t satisfy herself without having a big cock to suck and fuck. When a faithful person arrives at her f...

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2 years ago