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Эта британская девочка – панк любит вечеринки с кинозвездами, и может куражиться всю ночь, не отвлекаясь на перекур. Jasmine James – фантастическое удовольствие для любителей бледных, аппетитных и грудастых красоток. Этой девушке было мало, что природа далее ей круглую сочную попку, голубые глаза и яркие рыжие волосы, поэтому она захотела стать самой сексуальной порно моделью. Этот горячий малышка-панк выглядит просто божественно, особенно если она одевает какую-нибудь униформу, например шикарной медсестры. Если смотреть как она одевает чулки и медленно снимает бюстгальтер, то есть риск, что этот образ навсегда застынет в вашей голове и вы будете каждый день желать только такую дамочку. Сексуальные изгибы тела Jasmine James плавно переходят в её розовую, сладку, бритую киску, которой она совратила не одного жеребца.

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Jasmine is bored at the new year\'s eve party, so she sneaks off to find some young, fresh meat. Lucky for her the host\'s college aged son is holed up in his room jerking off. Jasmine spots her prey and rings in the new year with a big cock and a hard, wet fuck. Happy New Year!

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Skyler Mckay and Danny D have been invited for dinner by his ex-wife, Jasmine James. Skyler is worried that this new couple is up to something. Little does Skyler and Danny know that Jasmine\'s new husband (Keiran Lee) and her plan on having a swinger’s night! Will Danny succumb to the temptress ...

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1942 Europe Sergeant Danny D suffers injuries from a German mortar and is rushed to the hospital to have his wounds treated. Nurse Jasmine is placed in charge of his recovery and will do anything to make sure he stays off his feet. When sergeant Danny wakes up ready to join the fight, the only wa...

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Jasmine James is a horny housewife who is sick of her husband flirting with his coworkers all the time. Danny D is the well hung burglar rummaging through their house for valuables. Luckily for him, Jasmine finds him before her husband does, and decides to use his fat cock to get some revenge on ...

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Jasmine James won\'t let a little spill get her down. She takes her perfect tits straight to the laundromat and strips down to her heels and lingerie in front of all the other customers. This exhibitionist babe knows there\'s no better way to kill time at the laundromat than to fuck a stranger, a...

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In order for Danny D to secure a professorship at the university he must first prove his mettle to the unorthodox and big-breasted Dean Jasmine James. Jasmine wants to see what happens when Danny gets knocked off his game in the classroom so she schemes to distract him during his lecture with her...

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