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Высокая, стильная и соблазнительная темнокожая красотка Jasmine Webb является истинной амазонкой. Шикарное горячее тело богини похоже на фантастику, ведь у неё идеальный плоский животик, круглая и большая задница в сочетании с не малыми сиськами. Она известна по своим порно работам, как возбужденный пожарник, ведь когда она кончает, из ней брызжет как из пожарного шланга. Эта сладкая и знойная девочка появилась в порно индустрии в 2007 году, и увидев её большой багажник, все сразу захотели поиметь такую шикарную суку в анал. Если вы хотите увидеть лучшие идеальные формы темнокожей телки Jasmine Webb, то скорее залетайте на Brazzers. Именно эта порно студия подготовила множество работ сексуальной красавицы Jasmine.

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Развратная темнокожая шлюшка приехала в гости к своей сводной сестре. Рыженькая красотка вернувшись со своим парнем с прогулки была не очень довольна. Когда милашка застукала своего парня в бассейне с негритоской, которая раздвинув ножки наслаждалась кунилингусом, рыженькая девочка не растерялась...

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8 months ago
Interview With A Busty Boss - 1
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Молоденькая темнокожая стройная девка с маленькими сиськами и стройными ножками позвала в свой кабинет симпатичного парня и приказала мужику раздеться. Дальше сексуальная негритянка задрала юбку и принялась мастурбировать выбритую пизду перед самцом. Чрез некоторое время чувак вставил свой хуй в ...

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12 months ago
Squirt off 2014 - 1
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Jasmine Webb and Diamond Jackson have been called into Dean Corvus\'s office because their daughters have been going to sexy frat parties to show off their squirting pussies. Well, rather than being upset about their slutty daughters, Jasmine and Diamond get in a fight about who squirts better! T...

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1 year ago
Office 4-Play VII: Ebony Babes - 1
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Leave it to the four bosses interviewing Keiran Lee for a job today to toy with him in the board-room. Instead of looking at his CV or work experience, these horny ebony nymphos wanted a piece of his big fat cock. Feast your eyes on Jasmine Webb, Anya Ivy, Diamond Jackson, and Jade Aspen as they ...

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Lovin\' That Porno Vibe - 1
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Did you know when they film porn videos on location, the sets stay haunted by \"porno vibes\" for a really long time? Jasmine Webb learned that the hard way when she was trying to date a new guy Danny D. Every time he showed up at her place, something would go wrong, and he\'d be waving his massi...

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Jasmine Webb isn’t your typical real estate agent – she’s a horned up milf with a slutty disposition burdened with an unwholesome hankering for big dick. Today she is showing a house to a newly engaged couple. This provides ample opportunity for Jasmine to get her fuck on, which she does by strat...

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Jasmine Webb is all set to receive a new masseur at home today. Before he comes over, she looks at every inch of her naked body in the mirror to make sure she\'s as fit as she remembers. Little does she know, the pervy masseur\'s outside, peeking through the window at this Ebony goddess\'s curves...

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When Georgie Lyall agreed to go to her boyfriend folks\' house for the weekend, she wasn\'t expecting him to withhold the dick and deprive her of sex. Horny and unable to doze off, Georgie was kept up all night with fantasies of hot lesbian sex with Danny\'s super-hot stepmother. When she wandere...

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Danny goes to his doctor because he thinks he might be losing his mind. He watches so much porn that it begins to spill into his life and he can\'t tell whats real or not anymore! The doctor suggests that he stay for overnight observation under the care of Nurse Jasmine. Danny will soon learn tha...

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2 years ago
If You Love Me... - 1
If You Love Me... - 2
If You Love Me... - 3
If You Love Me... - 4
If You Love Me... - 5

It\'s Valentine\'s Day, and Danny is having one stellar evening at the strip club, watching the mesmerizing moves of exotic dancer and singer Jasmine Webb. They can\'t take their eyes off each other, and soon Jasmine\'s sweet crooning turns into moans of erotic ecstasy, making it one night neithe...

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2 years ago
The Squirtarium of Doctor Danny Dickus - 1
The Squirtarium of Doctor Danny Dickus - 2
The Squirtarium of Doctor Danny Dickus - 3
The Squirtarium of Doctor Danny Dickus - 4
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Jasmine has been suffering from headaches lately and when she visits the eccentric doctor Danny D he has a startling revelation for her. Jasmine\'s pussy has become home to a demon and the only way to rid herself of it is through copious amounts of squirting...lucky for Jasmine, doctor Danny has ...

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King Danny D has a problem. Try as he might, his cock isn\'t up to par when it comes to getting the job done. So his long-suffering wife enlists the help of Jasmine Webb to get to the bottom of his Majesty\'s psychosexual hangups. By the time she\'s done with him, the King\'s cock will truly go d...

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