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Привлекательная, талантливая и худенькая Jayden Jaymes – самая горячая порно актриса нашего времени. За порно видео с её участием, её называют королевой порно-индустрии. Эта красотка обладает классной, аппетитной попкой и большой грудью, которые подчеркивают каждый фильм для взрослых. Лучшим её таланом является глубокий минет, от которого кончило уже сотни самцов. В свободное время эта сучка ведет блог со своими коллегами из порно под названием «секс-отряд». На её аккаунте в Twitter девушка вылаживает свои обнаженные фотографии. На счету девицы 7 наград AVN, где одну она получила за самый лучший групповой секс в 2010. Jayden Jaymes талантлива и любима в порно-индустрии, за её умения трахаться в постели режиссеры Brazzers хвалят и берегут эту малышку. Также она занималась балетом и теперь свое гибкое тело она мастерски применяет в постели.

Jayden Jaymes's New Videos

Performance Review - 1
Performance Review - 2
Performance Review - 3
Performance Review - 4
Performance Review - 5

Mrs. Jaymes is the new boss on the job and she wants to know how she can improve her performance so she can make the work area a more comfortable and friendly environment. She leaves a comment box near the coffee machine so she can receive feedback from everyone. She receives a message from Rocco...

37 419 Views
8 months ago
Ministry of Pound - 1
Ministry of Pound - 2
Ministry of Pound - 3
Ministry of Pound - 4
Ministry of Pound - 5

Jayden is a dancing her ass off at the latest rave scene with her sexy girls. She\'s busting moves, dancing up a sweat and looking as hot as ever. Feeling especially horny she notices hot DJ Jordan and pulls him over for a private dance!

12 133 Views
1 year ago
Working for Mr. Sleaze - 1
Working for Mr. Sleaze - 2
Working for Mr. Sleaze - 3
Working for Mr. Sleaze - 4
Working for Mr. Sleaze - 5

There are a lot of rumours about the eccentric fashion designer, Scott Nails. Some call him innovative, genius and others call him a perv. However, when he has a photo shoot for his clothing line, all the models line up for the gig. Madison and Jayden have never worked with the designer before, b...

14 253 Views
1 year ago
I Love Cock \'n Balls - 1
I Love Cock \'n Balls - 2
I Love Cock \'n Balls - 3
I Love Cock \'n Balls - 4
I Love Cock \'n Balls - 5

Scott shoots a music video for Nikki, Jayden and Delta. The girls have always been fans of his work and take advantage of their opportunity. After a great shoot, the ladies decide to turn the wrap party into a fuckfest.

21 702 Views
1 year ago
Cooking Shit Up With Jayden Jaymes - 1
Cooking Shit Up With Jayden Jaymes - 2
Cooking Shit Up With Jayden Jaymes - 3
Cooking Shit Up With Jayden Jaymes - 4
Cooking Shit Up With Jayden Jaymes - 5

Welcome to Cooking Shit Up With Jayden Jaymes! Today she will be showing you how to make a banana split and her friend will be cumming over to help out too! Get ready for a real messy treat!

12 495 Views
1 year ago
Suburban Slut Stories 3 - 1
Suburban Slut Stories 3 - 2
Suburban Slut Stories 3 - 3
Suburban Slut Stories 3 - 4
Suburban Slut Stories 3 - 5

Both Jayden and Krissy are fighting with their husbands about cheating. They Both suspect that when they were all double dating that they were into each others partner. After fighting they both storm out and prove their partner right by swapping partner behind their back.

12 231 Views
1 year ago
That 70\'s Porn - 1
That 70\'s Porn - 2
That 70\'s Porn - 3
That 70\'s Porn - 4
That 70\'s Porn - 5

Jayden is happy being a pornstar in the present era. She scoffs at the golden era of porn during the 70\'s when bushes were bodacious and dicks diminutive. According to her, porn just wasn\'t as sweet as it is today, but she learns the hard way to respect the architects when she\'s transported th...

12 803 Views
1 year ago
Campus Security - 1
Campus Security - 2
Campus Security - 3
Campus Security - 4
Campus Security - 5

Uh oh, Mr. Everhard just got busted for seducing his students in the computer lab. If he stands any chance of weaseling out of security guard Jayden James\'s grasp, it\'ll have to be using the same tactics that slutty teens use to get their grades boosted. Erik buried his face between Jayden\'s h...

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1 year ago
Please Don\'t Fuck Him, Honey - 1
Please Don\'t Fuck Him, Honey - 2
Please Don\'t Fuck Him, Honey - 3
Please Don\'t Fuck Him, Honey - 4
Please Don\'t Fuck Him, Honey - 5

A good marriage is a give and take, so when Jayden Jaymes finds her husband with his face buried in some slut\'s pussy, she knows the only way to get even is to make him watch her get some big dick! She calls her friend Keiran, who\'s always ready to get some good pussy. She gives him a nice slop...

17 186 Views
1 year ago
We\'re Both Lying Slush Bags - 1
We\'re Both Lying Slush Bags - 2
We\'re Both Lying Slush Bags - 3
We\'re Both Lying Slush Bags - 4
We\'re Both Lying Slush Bags - 5

Jayden and Capri always get what they want. Why? Because they are the biggest slush bags you will ever meet in your entire life I\'m sure of it. These school slushers never do any homework and always get straight A\'s. If you don\'t know how thats possible then I\'ll be glad to explain. The both ...

17 703 Views
1 year ago
Fire Hose My Face - 1
Fire Hose My Face - 2
Fire Hose My Face - 3
Fire Hose My Face - 4
Fire Hose My Face - 5

Ramon has been working as a fireman for a while at his new post. He has been doing really well and his fellow crew mates want to reward him. They get Jayden to give Ramon a lap dance beside the fire pole. Jayden agreed because she wants Ramon to slide his fire pole in and out of her at a medium p...

13 054 Views
1 year ago
Old Screwl - 1
Old Screwl - 2
Old Screwl - 3
Old Screwl - 4
Old Screwl - 5

When Keiran takes an early flight back home to surprise his wife Jayden, she\'ll be the one surprising him when he finds Scott & Avy in their bed...

11 575 Views
1 year ago
Let My Tits Make It Up To You - 1
Let My Tits Make It Up To You - 2
Let My Tits Make It Up To You - 3
Let My Tits Make It Up To You - 4
Let My Tits Make It Up To You - 5

When Jayden Jaymes messed up the sales figures for an important client, her boss Keiran Lee covers for her, taking all the blame with Bill the bossman. Jayden feels terrible, so she thinks up a quick way to thank him for taking the fall for her: bending over his desk and letting him fuck her hard...

20 386 Views
2 years ago
Another Hard Cock at the Office - 1
Another Hard Cock at the Office - 2
Another Hard Cock at the Office - 3
Another Hard Cock at the Office - 4
Another Hard Cock at the Office - 5

It\'s Keiran Lee\'s first week at a new job, and his bitchy boss Miss Jaymes is making his life miserable, assigning huge projects with impossible deadlines. When his latest deadline comes and goes Keiran thinks he\'s toast, but luckily for him, Jayden has a way he can make it up to her: by fucki...

21 509 Views
2 years ago
De-constructing Jayden - 1
De-constructing Jayden - 2
De-constructing Jayden - 3
De-constructing Jayden - 4
De-constructing Jayden - 5

Jayden James\' ass is hungry for cock, and she\'s tracked down Keiran Lee on an abandoned construction site so that he can slide his dick into her perfect tight booty.

15 468 Views
2 years ago
BZ 10th Anniversary BTS Interview - 1
BZ 10th Anniversary BTS Interview - 2
BZ 10th Anniversary BTS Interview - 3
BZ 10th Anniversary BTS Interview - 4
BZ 10th Anniversary BTS Interview - 5

We\'ve got a special treat for you today as we take you behind the scenes of the Brazzers 10th Anniversary photo shoot, featuring a bevvy of your favorite busty and bootylicious babes. We got Ava Addams, Monique Alexander, Nikki Benz, Madison Ivy, Jayden Jaymes, Kortney Kane, Kagney Linn Karter, ...

61 827 Views
2 years ago
Casual Friday - 1
Casual Friday - 2
Casual Friday - 3
Casual Friday - 4
Casual Friday - 5

Jayden just got the job of her dreams, but she\'s off to a rough start. When her boss tells her to wear whatever she wants for casual friday, she takes it a bit too literally. What\'s a boss to do? Well, he could fuck her, and by could, I mean will. Sexy time at the office!

12 867 Views
2 years ago
Jayden Jaymes\' Fantasy - 1
Jayden Jaymes\' Fantasy - 2
Jayden Jaymes\' Fantasy - 3
Jayden Jaymes\' Fantasy - 4
Jayden Jaymes\' Fantasy - 5

Have you ever wanted to know who Jayden Jaymes really is? To make her ultimate fantasy scene a reality, the acclaimed porn star worked closely with director Brett Brando to create this passionate, moving, and fiercely sexy masterpiece. Watch beautiful Miss James take two black cocks at the same t...

20 314 Views
2 years ago
Fucking the Deal - 1
Fucking the Deal - 2
Fucking the Deal - 3
Fucking the Deal - 4
Fucking the Deal - 5

Office manager Miss James is thrilled to meet rich businessman Mr. Lee. After all, if this deal goes through, he\'ll make her company a lot of money. But when Mr. Lee gets an eyeful of her endless cleavage, he adds one condition to the deal: unlimited access to Jayden\'s sweet titties.

13 096 Views
2 years ago
Take My Wife, Please - 1
Take My Wife, Please - 2
Take My Wife, Please - 3
Take My Wife, Please - 4
Take My Wife, Please - 5

Jayden and her husband have a perfect, balanced marriage. They\'re happy, except for one thing. While Jayden may be dominant outside of the bedroom, she\'s definitely submissive when it comes to sex. Her husband is willing to do anything to make her happy, even if it means bringing in the big, me...

22 186 Views
2 years ago
Cheerlickers - 1
Cheerlickers - 2
Cheerlickers - 3
Cheerlickers - 4
Cheerlickers - 5

Jayden and Kortney are pumped their cheerleading tryouts went so well, but in the locker room, their fun just begins when the new, long-legged slut on the other team shows up to get her missing pom-pom. After some juvenile teasing, these three go at each others wet pussies and tight asses like t...

11 936 Views
2 years ago
Who Looks Hotter ? - 1
Who Looks Hotter ? - 2
Who Looks Hotter ? - 3
Who Looks Hotter ? - 4
Who Looks Hotter ? - 5

Jayden James and Kagney Linn Karter are two big booby babes who cannot make up their big booby minds. They need to choose the hottest outfits for a music video audition and to help decide which is best, they pay a visit to a close friend, Keiran Lee. Come bounce with Brazzers and help decide whic...

18 229 Views
2 years ago
Jayden\'s Revenge - 1
Jayden\'s Revenge - 2
Jayden\'s Revenge - 3
Jayden\'s Revenge - 4
Jayden\'s Revenge - 5

You don\'t want to fuck with a tough chick like Jayden Jaymes. But what\'s lead the happily married busty beauty to such extremes? An hour earlier, she was one on one with her loving husband, taking his thick cock deep in her pretty plump lips and perfect little pink pussy. She was sucking and st...

18 273 Views
2 years ago
Full Anal Tune-UP - 1
Full Anal Tune-UP - 2
Full Anal Tune-UP - 3
Full Anal Tune-UP - 4
Full Anal Tune-UP - 5

Jayden is having trouble with her car and needs to bring it in for a tune-up...but the only thing that ends up getting worked on is her tight little asshole. Keiran checks her oil and then fills her up with a little of his own.

12 962 Views
2 years ago