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Kagney Linn Karter


Если посмотреть на Kagney Linn Karter, то будет очень сложно бороться с эрекцией долгий срок. Своим телом она может возбудить любого самца, и не все могут оторвать глаз от её сексуальной фигурки, для того чтобы увидеть её красивое лицо. Эта сучка – настоящий профессионал в мире порно, так как она может совладать с разными пенисами. Вам придется вытирать слюну после того, как эта телка разденется и покажет свои большие сиськи, умелые губки и загорелую упругую попку. Kagney приписала себе этот псевдоним благодаря старому актеры снимавшегося в 1930х годах. Kagney любит выставлять своё сексуальное тело на показ, и вовсе не стесняется показывать свою оголенную грудь и пилотку людям. Эта девушка родом из Техаса, где пробыла всё дество, но потом встала на путь порно. Теперь же она лучшая порно модель, которая получает премии AVN, а также делает всё возможное чтобы оставаться лидером среди порно звезд.

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DP\'d On Her Honeymoon - 1
DP\'d On Her Honeymoon - 2
DP\'d On Her Honeymoon - 3
DP\'d On Her Honeymoon - 4
DP\'d On Her Honeymoon - 5

Ненасытная красотка с пышной задницей решила соблазнить парней около бассейна и начала эротично двигать телом. Показав одному из них свои большие сиськи он не захотел трахать сучку. Тогда она позвала другого накачанного мужика и тот стал делать ей эротический массаж, который после минета закончил...

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8 months ago
Kagney\'s Anal Expert-Tease - 1
Kagney\'s Anal Expert-Tease - 2
Kagney\'s Anal Expert-Tease - 3
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Красивая пышногрудая мамаша с сочной жопой и аппетитными формами дождалась своего богатого хахаля и начала крутить перед ним задницей. Потом чувак задрал юбку ненасытной красотки начал удовлетворять малышку пальцами и язычком. Затем девка сделала минет ебарю и стала раком перед самцом. После чего...

39 389 Views
9 months ago
Ep-1: Wet Traces to Nowhere - 1
Ep-1: Wet Traces to Nowhere - 2
Ep-1: Wet Traces to Nowhere - 3
Ep-1: Wet Traces to Nowhere - 4
Ep-1: Wet Traces to Nowhere - 5

Kagney has a secret rendez-vous with a mysterious stranger in an underground parking lot. Flaunting her assets, the stranger wants more than a simple exchange and assumes she\'s there for something else. Soon enough, Kagney\'s ass is being penetrated and all is well in the Valley...that is...unti...

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12 months ago
Ep-4: Broken Things - 1
Ep-4: Broken Things - 2
Ep-4: Broken Things - 3
Ep-4: Broken Things - 4
Ep-4: Broken Things - 5

Xander Corvus has a plan. After trying to plant evidence in Ramon\'s bedroom, Xander is found by Alexis, and she\'s not too pleased. Meanwhile, after finding out a terrible truth about his partner Scott, Charles decides to talk to Kortney again, and this time, she tells him a bit more than he was...

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12 months ago
Plump Pantyhose - 1
Plump Pantyhose - 2
Plump Pantyhose - 3
Plump Pantyhose - 4
Plump Pantyhose - 5

Привлекательная стройная брюнетка с упругой попкой в колготках эротично демонстрирует свое шикарное тело и мнет большие сиськи перед неопытным пареньком. Через некоторое время чувак возбуждается и начинает приставать к красотке. Сначала мужик порвал обтягивающие колготки, а потом начала разрабаты...

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1 year ago
Deez Tits For President - 1
Deez Tits For President - 2
Deez Tits For President - 3
Deez Tits For President - 4
Deez Tits For President - 5

Kagney Linn Karter, tired of how America’s political parties are ruining the greatest country in the world, decides to run for Presidency in 2016—as “Deez Tits”! Watch her sexy campaign video in which she shows America why they should vote for her- she’s beautiful, bodacious, and busty as fuck! A...

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1 year ago
Don\'t Touch Her - 1
Don\'t Touch Her - 2
Don\'t Touch Her - 3
Don\'t Touch Her - 4
Don\'t Touch Her - 5

Ramon is in a miserable marriage with a woman who hates sex. Their therapist suggested spicing up their sex life by visiting a strip club together. Sexy stripper Kagney is more than happy to help the couple in the VIP room, but Ramon\'s wife wants nothing to do with her. In fact, the bitch won\'t...

19 707 Views
1 year ago
Day With Kagney Linn Karter - 1
Day With Kagney Linn Karter - 2
Day With Kagney Linn Karter - 3
Day With Kagney Linn Karter - 4
Day With Kagney Linn Karter - 5

Kagney is at home hangin\' out, playing some video games waiting for the porn crew to show up for a scene to be filmed in her house. Keiran is late (as usual) but when he finally arrives they decide to take a new shower before the shoot. One thing leads to another and the duo end up getting nasty...

12 443 Views
1 year ago
XXX-Mas Break - 1
XXX-Mas Break - 2
XXX-Mas Break - 3
XXX-Mas Break - 4
XXX-Mas Break - 5

Time is ticking slowly and everyone can\'t wait for the bell to ring so they can all celebrate Christmas break. But this is no ordinary Christmas school break because as soon the bell rings everyone strips down and fucks, including the teacher Mrs. Sienna West.

22 192 Views
1 year ago
Hot, Bothered & Horny - 1
Hot, Bothered & Horny - 2
Hot, Bothered & Horny - 3
Hot, Bothered & Horny - 4
Hot, Bothered & Horny - 5

Kagney Linn Karter is trying to concentrate on her work but is too hot and bothered to be able to finish her tasks. Since no one in the office will listen to her complaints about the heat, Kagney decides to strip out of her clothes to make a point. Ms. Karter’s co-workers look on in shock as she ...

18 877 Views
1 year ago
Canadian Gigolo - 1
Canadian Gigolo - 2
Canadian Gigolo - 3
Canadian Gigolo - 4
Canadian Gigolo - 5

Kagney is intrigued when an old high school friend calls to inform her of a new business. This new business provides male escorts for the affluent female community and Kagney wants to taste the goods.

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1 year ago
Two Pussies and One Parachute - 1
Two Pussies and One Parachute - 2
Two Pussies and One Parachute - 3
Two Pussies and One Parachute - 4
Two Pussies and One Parachute - 5

It\'s Scott\'s birthday, so Kagney and Krissy got him a two part present. Part one is taking him sky diving. The second part is a secret. I bet you can\'t guess what it is.

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1 year ago
Smack my Naughty Ass Pink - 1
Smack my Naughty Ass Pink - 2
Smack my Naughty Ass Pink - 3
Smack my Naughty Ass Pink - 4
Smack my Naughty Ass Pink - 5

Kagney is the baddest girl in the school and will do whatever she wants to get ahead. This time she gets caught cheating on her exam and the teacher sends her to the Dean\'s office to set her straight. In the Dean\'s office she chews bubble gum and talks a lot of shit, which Johnny doesn\'t take ...

15 352 Views
1 year ago
My Bad Romance - 1
My Bad Romance - 2
My Bad Romance - 3
My Bad Romance - 4
My Bad Romance - 5

Kagney has an idea- it involves taking advantage of a new online dating platform. The incorporation of video streaming has made it possible for millions of Americans to meet their soul mates- Kagney sees a different opportunity, she has a feeling big cocks can be discovered meaning she can pull o...

14 632 Views
1 year ago
Anal Fun With Kagney\'s Buns - 1
Anal Fun With Kagney\'s Buns - 2
Anal Fun With Kagney\'s Buns - 3
Anal Fun With Kagney\'s Buns - 4
Anal Fun With Kagney\'s Buns - 5

At a private water park, Kagney Linn Karter is ready to get wild and wet! Watch as this sexpot shakes what her momma gave her--that beautiful bouncy booty! After twerking her ass off, Kagney decides to make a splash--by sucking and fucking Keiran Lee, who has some anal fun with Ms. Karter\'s buns!

29 540 Views
1 year ago
The Kagney Show - 1
The Kagney Show - 2
The Kagney Show - 3
The Kagney Show - 4
The Kagney Show - 5

Today on the Kagney show, The beautiful Isis Taylor will be talking to us about her upcoming movie Jurassic Pork. She will also take us on a little shopping spree at her favorite sex shop. Scott Nails will be making a special appearance and everyone knows he will be hungry for motorboats and mult...

8 764 Views
1 year ago
Wake Me Up Before You Cum Cum - 1
Wake Me Up Before You Cum Cum - 2
Wake Me Up Before You Cum Cum - 3
Wake Me Up Before You Cum Cum - 4
Wake Me Up Before You Cum Cum - 5

Kagney was rolling the dice when she tried to fuck her man without waking up her college roommate. As Jessy licked her clit, she couldn\'t help from moaning super loud, nor could she keep the noise down as she warmed Jessy up with a sloppy, wet blowjob. But when the noise of them fucking woke Bro...

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1 year ago
Rowdy Roommates - 1
Rowdy Roommates - 2
Rowdy Roommates - 3
Rowdy Roommates - 4
Rowdy Roommates - 5

Breanne is looking for a new roommate when Kagney comes around and fits the bill. After moving in, Kagney informs her that there\'s just one little thing... she\'s a lesbian. One night Kagney brings home a lady friend and they get it on real loud! Breanne\'s never been with a woman before but hea...

8 774 Views
1 year ago
Rachel vs Kagney - 1
Rachel vs Kagney - 2
Rachel vs Kagney - 3
Rachel vs Kagney - 4
Rachel vs Kagney - 5

Rachel and Kagney are about to get down and dirty in an a nasty mud wrestling match. The winner expects Bill\'s cock as her prize, but it looks like she\'ll have to share...

16 897 Views
1 year ago
Chest Pains - 1
Chest Pains - 2
Chest Pains - 3
Chest Pains - 4
Chest Pains - 5

In the wake of Kagney\'s final exam she tries to find a way to skip it- coincidentally a new male nurse recently started working at her school, he has gained a reputation of easily been swayed to get fake doctors notes. Kagney prepares herself to make a move on him in hopes she can fuck him to ge...

10 500 Views
1 year ago
Fucking Party of the Year - 1
Fucking Party of the Year - 2
Fucking Party of the Year - 3
Fucking Party of the Year - 4
Fucking Party of the Year - 5

After waiting a whole year to get a crack at Danny D\'s humongous cock, tonight was supposed to be the night it came into Kagney Linn Karter\'s hands. She invited her VIP guest to party at her place and with any luck give her a hard pounding with that massive man-hammer. As the hours dragged on, ...

13 051 Views
1 year ago
Full Service Room Service - 1
Full Service Room Service - 2
Full Service Room Service - 3
Full Service Room Service - 4
Full Service Room Service - 5

Kagney Linn Karter is a lazy hotel maid who hardly ever gets any actual work done. For the most part, she just goes from room to room playing on her phone and taking naps, not cleaning. So when Keiran Lee comes back to his room and finds it hasn\'t been cleaned for the second day in a row, he\'s ...

16 555 Views
1 year ago
Cock of Immunity - 1
Cock of Immunity - 2
Cock of Immunity - 3
Cock of Immunity - 4
Cock of Immunity - 5

In the not so distant future a terrible thing has happened. All the female pornstars pussies can\'t get wet anymore. The world is in despair but there seems to be a glimmer of hope. Keiran Lee\'s dick is so big it can still make the girls wet and horny. Rumors of his existence spread throughout t...

12 202 Views
1 year ago
Super Nurse - 1
Super Nurse - 2
Super Nurse - 3
Super Nurse - 4
Super Nurse - 5

Kagney is no ordinary nurse. Beneath her mild-mannered exterior she maintains a secret identity. She is Super Nurse, and she heals patients with her sexual know-how and wet willing pussy. When a catatonic patient like Danny D arrives, Kagney knows just what to do to rouse his spirits.

21 323 Views
1 year ago