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Klaudia Receives a Package - 1
Klaudia Receives a Package - 2
Klaudia Receives a Package - 3
Klaudia Receives a Package - 4
Klaudia Receives a Package - 5

Klaudia Hot\'s boss has been waiting on a package delivery all day, and as the hours go by, he just keeps getting more and more upset. Finally he takes off for the day, and wouldn\'t you know it, that\'s exactly when the delivery guy Angelo Ferro finally decides to show up. With her boss gone, Kl...

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2 years ago
Final Exam Titty Cram - 1
Final Exam Titty Cram - 2
Final Exam Titty Cram - 3
Final Exam Titty Cram - 4
Final Exam Titty Cram - 5

Jay Snake has a big exam, and the more he tries to remember what he studied, the more he panics, and the less he can actually remember! His teacher takes a quick break, leaving him with student teacher Klaudia Hot to watch over him. Seeing the panic in Jay\'s eyes, Klaudia starts undoing her top,...

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2 years ago