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Когда эта сучка выступала за группу поддержки, Madison Scott получила навык широко расставлять свои ножки и выставлять на показ свою бритую пилотку. Девушка дебютировала в порно индустрии в 2007 году еще в подростковом возрасте, когда все хотели видеть её голой перед камерами. С того времени пышнозадая блонда обрела славу и выбилась в лидеры самых узнаваемых порно звезд. Потом Madison захотела получить образование и поступила в колледж, где каждый готов был трахнуть эту девицу одним лишь взглядом, и некоторые преподаватели не скрывали этого. Сама же она считает, что все хотят её, потому что она сама всегда думает о сексе, и все замечают это. Настоящая богиня и биссексуалка Madison Scott готова облизать сладкую киску и сделать минет, поэтому её список людей, которые занимались с ней сексом, уже перевалил за 100. Увидев её умение находить подход к каждому зрителю, вы понимаете почему в Brazzers так любят эту красавицу.

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Throwing Balls At Her Cans - 1
Throwing Balls At Her Cans - 2
Throwing Balls At Her Cans - 3
Throwing Balls At Her Cans - 4
Throwing Balls At Her Cans - 5

Madison is working at the carnival and gets Ramon to try out her carnival game by using her big tits to persuade him. When he finds out the game is fixed he threatens to expose the scam. Madison begs for him to stay quiet because she could lose her job. So she works out a deal that if he doesn\'t...

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1 year ago
MacBoober - 1
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She is a special agent and her task is to rescue Senator Deen who been kidnapped by an unknown radical group. Senator Deen has been the lead politician forging peace between Russia and Canada as both countries find themselves fighting for the oil reserves in the Arctic, Agent Scott will ensure th...

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1 year ago
Working for Mr. Sleaze - 1
Working for Mr. Sleaze - 2
Working for Mr. Sleaze - 3
Working for Mr. Sleaze - 4
Working for Mr. Sleaze - 5

There are a lot of rumours about the eccentric fashion designer, Scott Nails. Some call him innovative, genius and others call him a perv. However, when he has a photo shoot for his clothing line, all the models line up for the gig. Madison and Jayden have never worked with the designer before, b...

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1 year ago
We Really Shouldn\'t Be Doing This - 1
We Really Shouldn\'t Be Doing This - 2
We Really Shouldn\'t Be Doing This - 3
We Really Shouldn\'t Be Doing This - 4
We Really Shouldn\'t Be Doing This - 5

Madison Scott has problems paying attention at her work, because she just can\'t keep her eyes off her hunky co-worker Brick Danger. When the clock approached 3:30pm, Brick snuck off, and Madison waited feverishly for her chance to meet Brick in the stairs for their afternoon quickie. Waiting eve...

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1 year ago
Whenever, Wherever, However - 1
Whenever, Wherever, However - 2
Whenever, Wherever, However - 3
Whenever, Wherever, However - 4
Whenever, Wherever, However - 5

How do you have a good time on the worst blind date of your life? Well, if you\'ve got a fuck friend like that busty slut Madison Scott, all you\'ve got to do is call her, and she\'ll come fuck you, any place any time! Jessy put in a call to escape from his bitchy date and Madison met him in the ...

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1 year ago
Papertrail Bitch - 1
Papertrail Bitch - 2
Papertrail Bitch - 3
Papertrail Bitch - 4
Papertrail Bitch - 5

She\'s an A student, she keeps the grade average way too high for the average dummy and she is hated for it. She is made fun of not because she can not but because she is too good at what she does. Her teacher, Mr. Lee sees she is stressed, so he shows her his cock- maybe she could suck on someth...

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Gimme 300cc\'s of Big Cock! - 1
Gimme 300cc\'s of Big Cock! - 2
Gimme 300cc\'s of Big Cock! - 3
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Gimme 300cc\'s of Big Cock! - 5

A little discomfort in her knee brought Madison Scott to the doctor\'s office for a routine visit. It didn\'t take long for Madison\'s fit, petite body to make the doctor horny as hell. After encouraging his new patient to strip down and lay down on his table, Jordan broke out the oil and started...

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Major Trust Issues - 1
Major Trust Issues - 2
Major Trust Issues - 3
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As a special treat, Marie Luv bought a massage for her girlfriend Kaylani Lei, but when she sees that the masseuse is busty blonde babe Madison Scott, she gets a little bit jealous. As soon as the two are alone, Kaylani tries to seduce Madison, who quickly falls for the sexy lady\'s advances. Whe...

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1 year ago
Dr Madison - 1
Dr Madison - 2
Dr Madison - 3
Dr Madison - 4
Dr Madison - 5

Check yourself into Dr. Madison Scott\'s clinic if you need anything from a check-up to a full-panel. But if you find the good doctor horny as hell and wanting to spend your whole physical examining every inch of your cock, consider yourself lucky. Clover was in good hands as Dr. Madison listened...

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1 year ago
Cream Flows Out - 1
Cream Flows Out - 2
Cream Flows Out - 3
Cream Flows Out - 4
Cream Flows Out - 5

Madison Scott finds her happiest days at the ranch where she has a way of making milk taste the perfect blend. In this cream filled scene, we learn Madison can not only take a cock up her asshole but her asshole can suck in a load of cum in any amount.

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1 year ago
Yoga photoshoot injected with meat - 1
Yoga photoshoot injected with meat - 2
Yoga photoshoot injected with meat - 3
Yoga photoshoot injected with meat - 4
Yoga photoshoot injected with meat - 5

Cindy and Madison have a great idea to get a photographer in to take photos of their steamy yoga session. A photographer responds to Cindy\'s online job ad and quickly finds out that Cindy and Madison want to show off more than just their yoga techniques.

8 415 Views
1 year ago
This Is MY Sorority! - 1
This Is MY Sorority! - 2
This Is MY Sorority! - 3
This Is MY Sorority! - 4
This Is MY Sorority! - 5

Brick Danger\'s girlfriend is thrilled when she gets into Kappa Gamma, ZZ University\'s hottest sorority. But when queen bee Madison Scott gets an eye-full of Brick, she says there\'s one more test to be passed: she has to watch as her boyfriend sucks Madison\'s big fake tits and eats out her tig...

18 248 Views
2 years ago
Wet And Ready - 1
Wet And Ready - 2
Wet And Ready - 3
Wet And Ready - 4
Wet And Ready - 5

If ever your girlfriend\'s sister comes up on you with big juicy under-boob action bouncing around, you better dive right in and sip on those titties. Before today, Clover had no idea Madison Scott wanted to get her hands on his fat cock, but diving into the pool in a white T-shirt made her inten...

19 261 Views
2 years ago
Getting My Husband A Raise - 1
Getting My Husband A Raise - 2
Getting My Husband A Raise - 3
Getting My Husband A Raise - 4
Getting My Husband A Raise - 5

When Madison Scott realized her husband wasn\'t able to man up and just ask for the raise he deserves, this blonde babe decided to take matters into her own hands. Madison went out of her way to seduce Ike\'s boss, Mr. Sins. After teasing him with glimpses at her big fake tits spilling out of a s...

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2 years ago
Long Live Brazzers! - 1
Long Live Brazzers! - 2
Long Live Brazzers! - 3
Long Live Brazzers! - 4
Long Live Brazzers! - 5

What do dominant female authority figures, a daisy-chain of crack-licking and cocksucking featuring Jenaveve Jolie, Lisa Ann, Madison Scott, Sienna West, and two fat cocks, and a spontaneous Heavy Metal music video have in common? They\'re just a heaping handful of the many highlights your good f...

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2 years ago
Brazzers Awards - 1
Brazzers Awards - 2
Brazzers Awards - 3
Brazzers Awards - 4
Brazzers Awards - 5

The votes have been counted, the results are in, and it\'s finally time for the big show: the Brazzers Awards 2015! Watch as fan favorites are crowned victors in such steamy categories as Most Popular Scene, Hottest Teen, Best Booty, and way more! Will your favorite take home the glory? There\'s ...

161 339 Views
2 years ago
Slut Wives - 1
Slut Wives - 2
Slut Wives - 3
Slut Wives - 4
Slut Wives - 5

Johnny has 3 lovely, sexy wives. They all spend time together. Problems start to happen when Madison tries to seduce Johnny during Nika\'s time. After years of being together, the 3 ladies want to know who fucks best. The only way to judge, is to have a foursome and find out who the best slut wif...

14 618 Views
2 years ago
ERection - 1
ERection - 2
ERection - 3
ERection - 4
ERection - 5

After ODing on a particularly intense orgasm, Madison is rushed to the hospital where under the care of Dr. Johnny Sins, she\'s restored back to health courtesy of some good old fashioned anal.

12 812 Views
2 years ago