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Vlogging and Flogging - 1
Vlogging and Flogging - 2
Vlogging and Flogging - 3
Vlogging and Flogging - 4
Vlogging and Flogging - 5

Danny D\'s sister has a Russian exchange student at their place, a busty babe named Marina Visconti, and Danny is determined to use this chance to test out his theory that all foreign girls are wild about dick. Danny\'s sister tries to warn Marina to stay away from him, but the Russian slut just ...

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2 years ago
The Tourist Trap - 1
The Tourist Trap - 2
The Tourist Trap - 3
The Tourist Trap - 4
The Tourist Trap - 5

Danny D was on vacation with his girlfriend, trying to get a picture of the two of them in front of a nice painting. His arms weren\'t long enough, so he asked some random dude to take the picture for him, not realizing that he just so happened to be a Brazzers director! Our man got right to work...

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2 years ago