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Nikita Von James обладает такую аппетитную попку и большую силиконовую грудь, что приковав к ней взгляд вы можете попутать её с милой школьницей, но это не так. Эта красивая барышня перед камерами превращается в настоящую русскую давалку с упругой жопой. Эта маленькая блонда дебютировала в порно индустрии в 2009 году, и первым её жанром был МИЛФ, и на тот момент ей было уже 32 года. Она родом из Советского Союза, рожденная в 1977 году, Nikita отправляется за славой в Лос-Анджелес, ведь она полностью владела английским языком. Когда тот самый язык не занят какой-нибудь пилоткой или членом, она ходит на футбольные матчи, а затем гуляет со своей миниатюрной собакой. Она не просто красивая девушка, а еще и серьезная дамочка готовящаяся построить собственную компанию. Заходите на Brazzers и наслаждайтесь отличными порно работами с Nikita Von James.

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The Man Cums Around - 1
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The Man Cums Around - 4
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Ramon is released from jail and returns to the company he built himself only to discover it\'s been taken over by Nikita Von James who rules with an iron fist. After a little game of cat-and-mouse, the two eventually succumb to their innermost desires and fuck like rabbits in heat.

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1 year ago
The Facts of Fucking - 1
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After Sex Ed class, students Tyler and Layla decide to ask their experienced teacher a few questions about the best way to get each other off. Cool prof Nikita Von James is more than happy to help, and what better way to lead than by example? She\'ll have Tyler\'s cock hard and Layla\'s pussy wet...

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2 years ago
Sneaking In - 1
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Janice Griffith and her girlfriend Zoey Foxx were out at a party way past their curfew, so they decided to try sneaking back in to Janice\'s place through the side window. They tried to be as quiet as possible to avoid waking up her dad or even her mean stepmom Nikita Von James, but unfortunately...

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2 years ago
Cuckold Contract - 1
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Cuckold Contract - 3
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Sexy mama Nikita is a good little wife, so she ignores her lusty feelings for her son\'s friend Xander. But when her husband tells her how he\'d like to fuck her hot friend, she pouts and tells him she wants to fuck Xander. Luckily for her, ol\' hubby is ready to call her bluff...

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2 years ago
Seducing The Slutty Stepmom - 1
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Nikita Von James is just hanging out at home, minding her own business, when her stepson Danny bursts in with his new chick Stevie Shae. Nikita hears the two of them going at it, and it makes her so horny that she has to whip out her big tits and start rubbing her pussy! She\'s not quite as subtl...

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2 years ago
Swingers - 1
Swingers - 2
Swingers - 3
Swingers - 4
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Newlyweds Jessy Jones and Casey Cumz are having dinner with their friends, married couple Nikita Von James and Marco Banderas, when an intense display of affection between Nikita and Marco makes the young couple a little uncomfortable. Nikita explains that her and Marco keep the magic alive in th...

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2 years ago
Vagina Vision - 1
Vagina Vision - 2
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Nikita, a sexy optometrist, is crushing hard on one of her clients. When she learns he\'s coming in for an eye exam, she decides to fuck with him a little - until he actually fucks her.

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The Mominator - 1
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Allison is having a house party and has made it perfectly clear to her mom, Nikita Von James, that she is not to intrude or embarrass Allison in front of her friends. Nikita is crushed by the request and intrudes anyway, thinking snacks will win over Allison\'s friends. When that doesn\'t work, N...

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The Big Dick of Her Dreams - 1
The Big Dick of Her Dreams - 2
The Big Dick of Her Dreams - 3
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It\'s not fair that Danny got turned down, just because Nikita von James wasn\'t happy with the size of his dick. Later that night, something magical happened and granted all his wildest wishes. Because when Danny awoke from another wet dream, his grower had become a plower! Nikita was so impress...

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2 years ago
Doctor Squirtsalot - 1
Doctor Squirtsalot - 2
Doctor Squirtsalot - 3
Doctor Squirtsalot - 4
Doctor Squirtsalot - 5

Doctor Von James has been transferred to the Brazzers asylum to treat a patient who has a weird problem. Every woman he encounters ends up sucking and fucking his dick. Doctor Von James couldn\'t avoid the inevitable. She has multiple orgasm and Billy\'s streak continues.

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2 years ago
First time licking pussy - 1
First time licking pussy - 2
First time licking pussy - 3
First time licking pussy - 4
First time licking pussy - 5

Nikkita James meets Persia at her husband\'s office. She\'s making her final stop to sign her divorce papers because she is done with men that can\'t take care of their women. She then suspects Persia, whom she thinks has been fucking her husband but she learns that she\'s a lesbian and her curio...

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2 years ago
How to Win Friends and Get Fucked - 1
How to Win Friends and Get Fucked - 2
How to Win Friends and Get Fucked - 3
How to Win Friends and Get Fucked - 4
How to Win Friends and Get Fucked - 5

Nikita is a lonely housewife who posts an ad online looking for friends. She attracts many men with a pic of her big tits, including Guy, who she invites over. He convinces her she doesn\'t need a friend - but a fuck buddy.

14 416 Views
2 years ago
Training the Trainer - 1
Training the Trainer - 2
Training the Trainer - 3
Training the Trainer - 4
Training the Trainer - 5

All the Milfs at the gym are raving about the newest trainer Johnny. Nikita can\'t figure out why, until she signs up for a one-on-one class. No one\'s ever been able to take her as deep before, or make it feel as good as Johnny does. At the end of her session, she gets even more personal attenti...

19 864 Views
2 years ago
It\'s Fair Play in a Threeway - 1
It\'s Fair Play in a Threeway - 2
It\'s Fair Play in a Threeway - 3
It\'s Fair Play in a Threeway - 4
It\'s Fair Play in a Threeway - 5

Pete is a great house guest. He cooks, cleans up after himself, and barely makes any noise, but he really loves the ladies, and Vanilla is a bit tired of it. She deals with the moans and the groans, but deep down inside, she just wishes Pete would share the wealth, and by wealth I mean cock.

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2 years ago