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Молоденькая и сексуальная актриса Remy LaCroix очень любит Сан-Франциско. Она очень целеустремленный человек и всегда знает чего хочет от жизни. Так же, девушка не стесняется воплощать в жизнь любые сексуальные фантазии. Не удивительно что красотка стала такой популярной порно звездой, ведь ее натуральная красота и бесстрашное отношение к новым сексуальным партнерам этому способствуют. Уже в начале своей карьеры, красотка Реми получила пять наград AVN и не только. В школе актриса играла за сборную по волейболу и пела в хоре. После школы Реми Лакрокс закончила ВУЗ в области молекулярной биологии и получила диплом с отличием, но вместо того, чтобы стать ученой, она решила окунуться в мир порно. Ее сексуальность и отличная актерская игра придает порно фильмам с ее участием особой страсти. Так же, малышка талантливая танцовщица, акробат и хула-хупер.

Remy LaCroix's New Videos

Sock It To Me - 1
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It\'s anal time for Remy Lacroix, the ultimate cutie with a booty! She\'s back and ready for that big wet butt action, and this time she\'s brought her cute striped socks. Watch our man Jessy Jones worship that ass and give her exactly what she needs.

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1 year ago
Brazzers Got Back - 1
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Sir Dicks a Lot is on the scene with a brand new music video: Brazzers Got Back! Watch bootilicious dancers Jada, Phoenix, Remy, and Sheena shake their moneymakers before giving up their juicy asses to Sir Dicks A Lot\'s massive member.

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2 years ago
Casting Couch Cuties - 1
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Remy LaCroix and Dani Daniels showed up to today\'s open casting call hoping to win a spot on the hottest reality show on TV. They\'re willing to do whatever it takes, even if it means stripping down to flash their big tits and ass for the producer. He catches them one at a time showing off their...

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Unchained Asses - 1
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Rose Monroe and Remy Lacroix put on their sexiest leather outfits when they heard James Deen was coming to town, cause they know that he knows how to fuck an asshole right. After they tease us with their big juicy booties, James comes in to oil those asses up and get them ready to fuck. He finger...

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Spying on the Sorority - 1
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We\'ve all heard stories of the sexy stuff that goes down behind closed doors at sorority houses. Dude snuck into ZZ House to raid their panty drawers and see if those college hotties are as slutty as he\'d always heard. From his hiding spot in a closet, Jessy managed to sneak a peek at the senio...

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2 years ago
Surprise Visit - 1
Surprise Visit - 2
Surprise Visit - 3
Surprise Visit - 4
Surprise Visit - 5

When Toni the masseur shows up at Remy\'s door, she\'s pretty confused. She didn\'t order a massage! But since it\'s paid for, why not accept it? Especially since the rubdown he\'s about to deliver is the full service...

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2 years ago
Remy\'s Ring Toss - 1
Remy\'s Ring Toss - 2
Remy\'s Ring Toss - 3
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After an afternoon of wriggling her fit, lithe body through her favorite hula-hoop, Remy Lacroix wants to be bent over and spun around herself! Enter Keiran Lee, ready to enter Remy\'s tight hungry ass and give her the pounding she craves.

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Remy Loves Adriana - 1
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Get ready for the hottest lesbian sex ever! Adriana Sephora, the busty blonde beauty, strips out of her sexy black bikini when the irresistibly cute Remy LaCroix and her famous booty join her for some fun in the sun! The girls get soaking wet--not from splashing around in a pool--but by fucking e...

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