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Alex Bigrodus - 1
Alex Bigrodus - 2
Alex Bigrodus - 3
Alex Bigrodus - 4
Alex Bigrodus - 5

Alex Bigrodus is a powerhouse on the field. Its common gossip in the big leagues that \"Big Rod\" is really a \"juicer\". The team manager is determined to get to the bottom of the allegations before the press do. The new team doc, Dr. Rose, decides to try her special steroid diagnostic technique...

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1 year ago
Oily Tits And Fuckable Feet - 1
Oily Tits And Fuckable Feet - 2
Oily Tits And Fuckable Feet - 3
Oily Tits And Fuckable Feet - 4
Oily Tits And Fuckable Feet - 5

Sativa Rose noticed that one of her friends had been looking extra mellow lately. Turns out she\'s been seeing this incredible new masseur named Ramon, but the selfish ho won\'t share his number! Sativa thinks quick and grabs his business card from her friend\'s purse. One quick phone call later,...

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2 years ago
Fucking Newlyweds! - 1
Fucking Newlyweds! - 2
Fucking Newlyweds! - 3
Fucking Newlyweds! - 4
Fucking Newlyweds! - 5

Fresh from their wedding ceremony, Keiran and Sativa Rose are still glowing newlyweds. Even shopping for a home in the presence of a complete stranger, they can\'t keep their hands off each other. They tell the agent to leave them alone in the kitchen for a minute, so Keiran can pull her pants do...

11 367 Views
2 years ago
IT\'s Day Dreams - 1
IT\'s Day Dreams - 2
IT\'s Day Dreams - 3
IT\'s Day Dreams - 4
IT\'s Day Dreams - 5

Johnny is a miserable IT worker at a firm with three smokin\' ladies. And while Kelly, Kianna and Sativa may be attractive, Johnny has come to understand over the years that their bark is worse than their bite- each woman a temptress to his imagination and then a soul crushing bitch in the cold l...

16 929 Views
2 years ago