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Knight Ride Her - 1
Knight Ride Her - 2
Knight Ride Her - 3
Knight Ride Her - 4
Knight Ride Her - 5

When there\'s trouble in town that no ordinary hero can stand up to, it\'s time to call Sophia Knight and her talking car C.L.I.T.! After dealing with a rowdy bunch of gangsters down at the local strip club, our hero finds herself feeling a little horny, and local stripper Victoria Summers is eag...

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1 year ago
Jeeves, Bring My Dildo Downstairs - 1
Jeeves, Bring My Dildo Downstairs - 2
Jeeves, Bring My Dildo Downstairs - 3
Jeeves, Bring My Dildo Downstairs - 4
Jeeves, Bring My Dildo Downstairs - 5

The only cure for wealthy nympho Sophia\'s boredom is to bring a hottie like Antonya home from the market and teach her new ways to fuck. She asks Jeeves the butler to lead her new plaything to the basement while she slides a corset over her big tits. Much to the little brunette\'s surprise, wait...

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1 year ago
Salon Sluts - 1
Salon Sluts - 2
Salon Sluts - 3
Salon Sluts - 4
Salon Sluts - 5

It ain\'t easy being a lesbian hairdresser! All your customers want to take you to bed. When a sexy regular starts showing up three times a week, Brett realizes it\'s time to introduce this bicurious lady to the fun of finger-fucking. She takes Sophia back for a few free extras, and before long t...

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2 years ago
Sweet and Sinful - 1
Sweet and Sinful - 2
Sweet and Sinful - 3
Sweet and Sinful - 4
Sweet and Sinful - 5

Sophia Knight is ready for her first lesbian affair, and she wants a really experienced slut like Liza del Sierra to introduce her. As soon as they get back to Liza\'s beautiful loft, that French whore takes charge of Sophia\'s pleasure completely, and shoves a tongue deep in her pussy and asshol...

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2 years ago